What To Do With Used Dental Equipment

We have been having a lot of our clients coming to us with the issue of getting rid of their old used dental equipment equipment when they make the move to digital.

There are a whole bunch of options and few of them work well.

Craigslist, Ebay, Hoping and Praying and donating.

I know of lots of offices that have tried all four options. The problem in most cases is the dentist does not have time to sit around answering the constant craigslist and ebay questions that come through every day.

Questions like:


“Will you guarantee it working when I get in my office?”

“Will this unit work with XYZ other unit or software?”

“Can I pick up the unit at your office?”

The problem with it is that you have to keep up on these questions or you will never sell the item because everyone has a question even good purchasers. Also, no one wants someone showing up at your practice after the sale to complain this or that doesn’t work. Charities are also often difficult to donate to because they will often need  you to bring the equipment to them which can be very inconvenient for the doctor, because it means he has to pay to get rid of the equipment.

I don’t know how many other companies do this, but we have started offering the service of helping dentists resell their equipment. We certify the equipment in a working state and handle the sale through our office so that all of the question and possible complaints come to us and don’t show up at the dental offices door. We think the fairest way to do this is to handle the whole sale and take a percentage of the sale. We then handle all the packing and shipping of the items. In some cases we are able to get much more value for the equipment by offering installation services with the sale.

We started doing this because far too many usable pieces of equipment were just getting scrapped. For dentists that need parts to repair their existing equipment or are just in a location where the practice can’t support new equipment purchases these sales can save a practice.

We feel this can be the best solution to recycling your old equipment. Taking a perfectly good film pano and turning it back into a lump of steel is no way to get the value back out of your old equipment.

We also provide this service for digital X-Ray units, Intra Oral Camera Units, film processors and other high tech devices.

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