Benefits of Our IntraOral Camera: Discovery HD Pro

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Benefits of Our IntraOral Camera: Discovery HD Pro

All dental practices should be using an intraoral camera to help maximize diagnosis and treatment. The benefits of our intraoral camera, the Discovery HD Pro Wired Intraoral camera, has been astounding to our clients and us with its incredible autofocus, HD image, and flawless features. An Intraoral camera is a great tool not only for case acceptance but for patient education. Using an intraoral camera also creates trust-building between the dentists and their patients.  You’ve heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Having an intraoral camera helps patients see what the dentists see.

An intraoral camera can be used more than just for showing case presentations. They become an even more resourceful tool being implemented and used in your daily hygiene visits. Our intraoral camera is an excellent handheld device that is a useful tool for tracking treatment success. I will be discussing the advantages of our Discovery HD Pro Wired Intraoral Camera. Along with how an Intraoral camera brings maximized value to dental practices. 

Key Features

Features of Discovery HD USB:

  • Autofocus- Real Autofocus function, semi-focus also available. 
  • HD image- High definition 1280 x 1024 image.
  • Gyro mouse- built-in – Useable as a mouse.
  • Adjustable head angle- Three Adjustable angles to reduce arm fatigue. 
  • 280 twist head- Easy to maneuver in patient’s mouth. 
  • Software compatibility- Integrates with almost all software, or we will provide a free imaging software.
  • OLED screen- Bright and clear OLED screen indicates various device status. 
  • Adjustable LED brightness- LED intensity adjustable button, you can adjust the brightness to three intensity levels. 

About Intraoral Camera and The Benefits

The Discovery HD Pro is a lightweight, modern tool, which takes quality HD images. This ergonomic intraoral camera makes it easy to use and allows the dentist to see areas of their patient’s mouth in new magnification and clarity. The Discovery HD Pro is an excellent tool for capturing images of your teeth and your gums’ conditions, along with other information about tissue within your mouth. This is why an intraoral camera is such a beneficial tool. Using an intraoral camera will help the dentist make better decisions when diagnosing their patients. The intraoral camera gives value to patients to better understand what is happening inside their mouths. Using an intraoral camera helps with patient comfortability and is a convenient tool for dentists to use.

Our Discovery HD Pro Wired Intraoral Camera helps detect oral health issues from the start. It has incredible autofocus allowing for a dentist to see in real-time tooth decay, fillings, hairline fractures in your teeth, plaque, and more. Using this technology allows for better patient education and having a tool with multiple helpful features. Allowing for dentists to work more efficiently, having an intraoral camera that can be adjustable. 


Maximize the Value

Many dental practices only use an intraoral camera for a case presentation. Using the intraoral camera in your daily hygiene visits is a way to maximize your intraoral camera use. Using the camera to show your patients images alongside a large monitor gives them a virtual tour of their mouths, and helps them see their teeth and gums. Having your dental hygienist/assistant take images during the hygiene visit and capture full teeth layout, and close-ups on problem areas are very useful. Having them create a patient layout, including images of all teeth labeled, creates values for patients to have a case profile to log the progress of teeth and have before and after photos to be created with each visit. This step helps save time for the dentist and truly helps patients see troubled areas within their mouth. 

This helps with follow-up visits to ensure a bonus that patients will be more likely to take better care of their teeth, as they can see images of how their dental health needs improvement. Having an intraoral camera be a part of your daily practice routine is a win-win for both dentists and patients. Using an intraoral camera will help transform the case acceptance rates, and your patient learns more about their oral health. 

Easy Installation 

The Discovery HD Pro Wired Intraoral Camera has a USB port that is simple and easy to install into your practice. Just plug it into a USB hub port in your operatory. Ensure you plug it in a place that your team can easily access it to be used at all times if needed during the treatment process. If you like having a wired camera that you can move from room to room and not worry about charging batteries, this is the camera for you! Make sure your camera is in reach in your operatory. We also offer the wireless version of the Discovery HD Pro if you prefer a wireless camera. Offering all the same key features as the wired model! 

The Camera for You!

Using Discovery HD Pro, you won’t be disappointed. This camera is the full package. It will help dentists with convenient diagnosis, preventative diagnosis, and care and increase patient education! We hope you gained some inspiration from this post to include using an intraoral camera in your practice. The Discovery HD Pro will help benefit all involved in your daily routine. Having a more streamlined process with staff using intraoral cameras makes the daily routine more efficient. Your ability to build more trust with your patients increases follow-up visits and increases profitability in your practice. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we here at Sodium Dental, are trained to help teach you how to use an intraoral camera and would be happy to help train your team as well. 

Sodium Dental offers a handful of what we think are some of the best intraoral cameras on the market today.  Need help deciding which camera is right for your office or how many cameras you’ll need?  Call us at 1-800-821-8962

View product: Discovery HD Pro Wired Intraoral Camera 

Check out our YouTube Video Xray Vision Demonstration by Sodium Dental

Discovery HD Pro Wired Intra Oral Camera


Same high quality HD image as our Discovery HD Pro Wireless camera, just without the wireless technology.  If you like having a wired camera that you can move from room to room and not having to worry about charging batteries then this is the camera for you!

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Discovery HD Pro Wired Intra Oral Camera

The Discovery HD Pro Wired Intra Oral camera is our latest addition to our intra oral camera family and it has been astounding us and our clients with it’s amazing auto focus, HD Image and flawless wireless technology.

Discovery HD Brochure

FEATURES   Auto Focus The Auto Focus for the HD Pro has two modes depending on what works for you best. You can have the camera focusing all the time with no button clicks required, or in semi auto mode the camera will focus when you half depress the capture button. No matter which you choose your images will always be clear and diagnostic. Adjustable Head Angle User can use the camera with preferred angle. 280 Degree Twist Head Easy to adjust head for camera Adjustable LED Brightness Can adjust LED brightness to avoid burning out image. BUILT IN GYRO PRESENTATION MOUSE This is a camera and a mid air presentation mouse. No need to reach back to your mouse when presenting the images to your patient. HD IMAGE Our camera has a true HD Image. This camera literally brings 576,000 more pixels of information to the game. That is a 266% increase over non HD intra oral cameras. Warranty:  1 Year manufacturer warranty Return policy: 15% restocking fee on all returns. Customer is responsible for shipping returned product back to Sodium Dental. Shipping will not be refunded. Products must be returned within 15 days of purchase or no refund will be offered  

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in


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