New: Mobile Dental Tool Kit – Everything You Need For Mobile Digital X-Ray

The fast and easiest way to go digital with your mobile dental practice. Your mobile dental practice needs durability, affordability, and mobility as key aspects of your mobile digital x-ray solution. With our solution, you will have a phenomenal laptop to run your practice management and image management software. You will have the top of the line in digital x-ray and a phenomenal x-ray source. Another key factor we focused on is having the digital x-ray sensor and laptop both having accidental damage protection since they are most likely to be dropped and damaged. Above all, discover new opportunities with mobile digital x-ray and create an exciting future for your career, mobile practice, and patients.

The Toolkit Includes

  • 1 Aurora Digital X-Ray Sensor (Size 1 or Size 2) With 5 Year Full Coverage Warranty (Covers bites and accidental damage for a full 5 years)
  • 1 Dell Latitude Laptop With I7 Processor, Solid State Hard Drive, and 3 Year Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection
  • Genoray Zen-PX2 Portable Tubehead
  • Mobile Dental Case – Custom Foam Pelican Case With Casters and Pull Handle
  • Kimera Sensor Holder Kit
  • 500 Barrier Shields

Mobile digital x-ray solution.

Mobile & Teledentistry Digital Tool kit  101

Furthermore, we are helping mobile dentists to have a toolkit that provides the advantages of a complete mobile dentistry service. Helping you expand the patient reach and to adopt mobile digital x-ray to advance the way you practice. We created the mobile dental tool kit to be durable and adaptable to your needs. The design of this kit was made to be as muli functional and practical as possible.

We want to emphasize the tool kit provides extra space for your dental tools and additional cable storage space. Inside the mobile toolkit, it has protective cushions in the case to keep equipment safe. This toolkit is an affordable and innovative way to introduce digital x-ray into your mobile practice to provide the highest level of comprehensive dentistry. 


The Importance of Mobile and Teledentistry 

As shown above, the dental industry is embracing innovation and technology! Now that dentistry is in the digital era, it is easier than ever for dentists to provide care to those in need in other rural areas. The digital benefits help broaden the reach to patients who would usually postpone or delay dental care. Teledentistry works with mobile dentistry to help get dental services out to senior care facilities and underserved populations and schools. Mobile and Teledentistry work hand and hand to improve patient care outside of the dental clinic’s brick and mortar using portable equipment. 

Another key point mobile and teledentistry are helping serve patients anytime and anywhere. Using teledentistry to connect with patients using communication technologies “Virtual dentistry,” video, and audio connect patients with the provider. A dentist can now provide consultations, treatment planning, and diagnosis to patients over a video call. Hence developing treatment plans without physically seeing patients. As a result, service cost is minimized, and diagnostic services improve. Therefore teledentistry is often more affordable and convenient for patients. Also, teledentistry helps educate the patients.  In either case, mobile dentistry also provides many benefits, as a portable dental clinic on wheels can provide more accessibility than a concrete dental clinic cannot.  Overall, mobile and teledentistry maximize systems and workforce resources. 


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