A broken x-ray sensor is something that Sodium Dental sees in our offices every day.  We have been providing our sensor repair services since 2011 and have had great success at repairing and refurbishing broken x-ray sensors for our clients all over the world.  We pride ourselves in our quality repair process, fast turn around time, and list of satisfied clients.

Broken x-ray sensor

Broken x-ray sensor

Our process involves first diagnosing a broken x-ray sensor for our clients and then sending them out an estimate via email.  This process insures that our clients are fully aware of the costs involved in refurbishing their broken x-ray sensor so that they can make an educated decision on whether or not the repair costs make sense for their practice.  There is no obligation to move forward with the repair if you choose not to, all we ask is that you pay for the return shipping of your sensor if you choose not to fix your broken x-ray sensor.

On occasion our customers may decline the repair because they feel that purchasing a brand new sensor is more fiscally appropriate for their situation.  Just because a client may decline a repair does not mean that the sensor needs to then sit in a drawer in their office untouched or be disposed of because the broken x-ray sensor still has a lot of value.

A broken x-ray sensor holds value in two ways.

  1. A broken x-ray sensor can be traded in towards the purchase of one of Sodium Dental’s brand new sensors.
    • This is a great way to get brand new x-ray sensors into your practice at less of a cost than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  All of Sodium Dental’s new x-ray sensors come with a 5 year warranty and free tech time to ensure a proper installation and configuration of your new x-ray sensor.  This gives you the peace of mind that, with proper care and storage techniques, your new x-ray sensors will last many years in your practice.
  2. A broken x-ray sensor can be utilized for parts for future Sodium Dental x-ray sensor repair clients!
    • Sodium Dental is happy to provide you with a fair market value purchase offer towards the purchase of your broken x-ray sensor.  Depending on the physical condition of your broken x-ray sensor and the condition of the internal components we can offer up to $1,000 for your broken x-ray sensor.

If you have a broken x-ray sensor and want to get it repaired and refurbished for a fraction of the cost of a brand new sensor then fill out our x-ray sensor repair submission form here.  You’ll receive a copy of the form in your email inbox and instructions on where to send your sensor.

If you have a broken x-ray sensor and don’t want to get them repaired but are interested in receiving cash for them then please fill out the x-ray sensor submission form here, make note on the form that you are sending them in for possible purchase, and then follow the instructions to send your broken x-ray sensor in to Sodium Dental.

We’re happy to provide a ballpark figure of what Sodium Dental can offer for your broken x-ray sensor before you send them in to us.  If you would like to receive a ballpark figure of what we can offer then please send us several clear photographs of your broken x-ray sensor and the issues that you are experiencing with the broken x-ray sensor to sales@sodiumdental.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a ball park figure.

Since we purchase broken x-ray sensors this means that we also have many refurbished x-ray sensors ready to be put to use in your practice immediately.  Take a look at our line up of refurbished x-ray sensors and pick the one that’s right for you.  All of our refurbished x-ray sensors come with a warranty, tech time for installation, and your satisfaction guaranteed!

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ page here, talk to us on our online chat, send us an email to sales@sodiumdental.com or give us a call 1-800-821-8962.