Sodium Dental Goes To – Paragon Dental Management Year End Event


There are a lot of great ways to close out a year and Paragon chose a great location and great speakers to complete the season. The hotel and beach were beautiful which put us in a great mood to talk to our clients about end of the year needs for their Dental Practice.

We brought with us several refurbished digital X-Ray sensors in case anyone had an urgent need and would like to pick one up at the show.



Our focus for the year end event was backup though. With the end of the year coming around it is the best time to get an audit done of your backup. For Paragon members we provide this service for free. We simply remote into your system and spend about an hour confirming a few key points about your backup. It gives dentists peace of mind that they have a solid backup and that their backup solution is working how it should.

Our Backup Checkup which is free for Paragon Dentists


We think getting a checkup is incredibly important. In 75% of cases to date, people who have had our backup checkup have found that their backup was not backing up as often as they though or in a surprising number of cases their backup was not working at all. By the time you need your backup it is far too late to find out if it was working properly the whole time. You can put off an oil change for another hundred miles but if your server gets a virus that corrupts all of your data there will be nothing you can do without a good backup

We also took time at the Paragon Dental meeting to showcase our Auto Focus Intra Oral Camera the Duo 


The QuickCam Duo is an excellent chairside intra oral camera. It provides two cameras in one handpiece. A camera with a depth of field set for wonder face and smile shots as well as the intra oral camera at the head that uses outstanding light to produce amazingly diagnostic images. Simply frame the shot you want to take, hit the auto focus button and the camera immediately sets its focus and you can trigger with either of the two side triggers on the camera. Now there are a lot of cameras on the market and a lot of them have the ability to take amazing images, but much like with anything the ability to take great images comes from proper training. The quality and expertise of installation and training that Sodium Dental provides is what is going to make the camera work for you. Let us provide you with a solution that really works in your office, not something that ends up gathering dust because it was never installed correctly or your staff was never trained.


Finally, we brought out our newest intra oral digital Xray Sensor, the Owandy Opteo. 

There are many pretenders but our Owandy Opteo sensor when installed by Sodium Dental with our customized filters, Platinum level installation technicians and best in class trainers make sure that you get superb imaging from our five year warranty Owandy Opteo. This sensor is direct to USB, has an extremely long life cable and housing, has one of the highest resolution internal sensors on the market and is priced at a range that makes sense for a dental office. Buy from Sodium dental and you will always get a level of service you simply can’t expect from anyone else.