Helping Those In Need With Schick Xray Repair Services

Sodium Dental receives hundreds of dental xray sensors from all around the world every single day and occasionally we receive xray sensors in for repair from non-profit companies and charitable organizations.  Due to the high cost of xray sensor repair components and skilled labor we are, unfortunately, unable to donate to every organization that utilizes our services.  However when one comes along that really hits home for us, we do what we can to help them.

Schick Xray Repair Service for HIS

Health Intervention Services in Grand Rapids, MI came to us with 2 Schick xray sensors that were not functioning.  Schick xray sensors can be very costly to purchase brand new, even a used Schick xray sensor can cost close to $4,000 on the used market.  This expense can easily be too much for a non-profit to swallow, especially when faced with replacing not just one but two Schick xray sensors.

We were able to successfully provide our Schick xray repair service for both of their Schick sensors.  Getting their office back up and running enabling them to continue providing health care to people without access or unable to afford health insurance.

Learn more about their story below and make sure to check out their website at to see how they’re impacting their area in the beautiful Great Lakes State.

History, Mission & Vision of Health Intervention Services


HIS was established in 1998 by a group of local physicians, nurses, social workers and business people looking to serve underprivileged women with faith-centered medical care within the city of Grand Rapids. The mission quickly expanded to include all those without access to health care as well as those unable to afford health insurance. A non-profit 501(c)3 health care center located in the Burton Heights neighborhood of Grand Rapids, HIS is a trusted resource for medical care and counsel in the West Michigan community.

Fueled by the dedication, energy and expertise of 130 volunteer physicians, nurses, interpreters, clerical workers and housekeepers and a small but ambitious staff of eight full-time equivalent employees (FTE), HIS provides exceptional care and services to over 2,000 patients a year. HIS is supported by an active Board of Directors, comprised of dedicated members from the Grand Rapids region, that directly supports HIS operations, oversees fundraising and upholds the vision and mission of the organization. Health Intervention Services is a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff members and volunteers who are committed to providing for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Mission & Vision

HIS brings Christ’s healing to the medically uninsured through the collaborative provision of medical and dental services, counseling and spiritual care. The coordinated delivery of physical, psychosocial and spiritual support strengthens families and individuals toward a life of independence and wellness.

Thank you Health Intervention Services for what you do, and thank you for coming to us for help.  We look forward to seeing you in August!