Edlen Imaging Closes – No Longer In Business

We were notified by the manufacturer of Edlen Imaging sensors that the Edlen Imaging company closed its doors. From what the manufacturer says, Edlen Imaging is no longer in business and will not be selling or supporting any customers that have the Edlen Imaging digital x-ray sensor.

Edlen Imaging, following in the footsteps of Suni Medical Imaging closing in late 2018, has left their customers without a method of support or warranty assistance for any of the products that they’ve sold. This is another unfortunate event in the dental industry that effects many doctors around the country.

Calls to the Edlen Imaging office phone number have gone unanswered and the main Edlen Imaging telephone number is no longer connected. At this time the Edlen Imaging website has also been taken down and Sodium Dental has acquired the edlenimaging.com domain name.

Sodium Dental is here to help all Edlen Imaging customers!

The manufacturer of the Edlen Imaging digital x-ray sensors has reached out to Sodium Dental to provide assistance to Edlen Imaging customers. If you are an Edlen Imaging customer and need assistance please contact our support team today.

1-800-821-8962 or support@sodiumdental.com