We always take some time to visit the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting every year. We as Sodium Dental’s executive team are always most eager to make sure that we are at the forefront of Dental Technology. Being the top digital x-ray sensor manufacturer requires diligence in excellence in the lab as much as it also requires us to seek out and be on top of all new digital X-ray technology.

While browsing the exhibition we also have the benefit to visit manufacturers that we support and sell products for. One of our manufacturers we visited was Genoray and had fun checking out their amazing 3DCT Dental Cone Beam system.

As well as visiting our manufacturers we also have to face down our gigantic competitors. Henry Schein had a gigantic booth area and as we looked into Lions Den. We just tried to remind ourselves that although we are not selling billions of dollars a year. We are selling a great number of amazing digital x-ray products to very satisfied dentists. Who want to be an important customer to a mid sized company instead of just one client of thousands that month for a huge company.

We are hear for you at Sodium Dental. Although we don’t have a chance to be your biggest supplier, I can assure you that you have a chance to be our most important customer. Every single one of our customers is important to our business and our employees. Without you dentists who are willing to work with the smaller guys out there we couldn’t be growing and succeeding at the rate we are.

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