Increasing Your Dental Practice's Exposure Through Google Maps

Increasing Your Practice’s Exposure Through Google Maps

Have you ever used Google to search for your name or your practice’s name?  Have you ever just Googled “dentist” in Google Maps to see what results you get?  If you have, does your practice show up in any of the results?

Many dentists would be surprised to find that their practice doesn’t show up in Google or Google Maps search results.  You could be missing out on a large portion of your market if your practice is not registered with Google Maps.  Visit Google Maps and do a quick search for your name and/or practice name, let me know what you find.

If your practice is already registered on Google Maps then your practice should show up something like Google Maps Search Result A.

Google Maps Search Result A

Google Maps Search Result A

Google Maps Search Result B

Google Maps Search Result B







As you can see in the image above there are two different types of search results for “dentists in Baltimore”.  Search Result B is a tiny plain dot.  This tiny plain dot falls into the background when the typical patient is searching for a practice since they have multiple large pins with letter assignments sticking out of the map that are much larger then the tiny plain dots.  Clicking on this tiny dot will result in a small pop up window, similar to the one in Search Result A but it only shows your name and/or practice name, address, and phone number (if available).  This is your most basic listing on Google maps and isn’t much more effective than a basic listing in your local YellowPages.

Search result A is the type of result that you want for your practice.  Search result A provides your practice with a large pin on the Google Map as well as a letter assignment within that pin.  This letter assignment corresponds to an even larger ad on the left side bar on the Google Maps page.  As you can see in the image above, search result A also provides the user with all sorts of wonderful information about your practice including:

  • Practice Name and/or Your Name
  • Practice address
  • Link to practice’s website
  • A link for your existing patients to write reviews about your practice
  • Links to your Google Places page for your business (Google Places Example Image Below)

As you can see in the Search Result A example above there is a link for “reviews”.  Clicking on the “reviews” link will bring you to that practice’s Google Places page (Example Image Below).  Google Places is like a basic web page for your business, and it’s FREE!  Google Places is super simple to set up for your practice and can provide your patients and potential future patients a great online store front type atmosphere when they’re looking up dentists in their area.  Google Places is a great free tool that I think every practice and small business should utilize to increase traffic to their website and physical store front.

Google Places Example for Dental Practice

Google Places Example for Dental Practice

As you can see in the image above your Google Places page can provide all sorts of information about your practice, the only catch?   ……YOU actually have to set this up for yourself, or have your IT guy, website company, or Sodium Dental set this up for you.

Google Places gives your practice a highly ranked free webpage on Google search results where you can provide information to your patients and potential new patients.  Information such as:

  • Basic info like practice name, address, phone number, link to website
  • Daily practice hours
  • Description of your practice and any specialties or products that you recommend
  • A listing of any awards or certificates that you have received
  • Any images that you would like to post such as before and afters, examples of products you recommend, etc
  • Any videos that you would like to post such as patient testimonials or patient education (videos link to your youtube channel)
  • Google Places automatically provides patients a method of directions to get to your practice such as driving directions, walking directions, and even bus routes and directions!
  • PLUS! It allows your patients to post reviews about your practice which can greatly increase the chances of a potential new patient to choose your practice
Sodium Systems Google Places Example

Sodium Systems Google Places Example

Sodium Systems can set your Google Places account up for you.  If you are interested in this service please visit our Contact Us page and send us a message or you can call us at 1-800-821-8962

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