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University Of Michigan – Alpha Omega Dinner Presentation On Dental Technology For new dentists, there can be a lot to learn when it comes to creating or running a small business.  Establishing the necessary business elements and learning how to run a successful dental practice can provide challenges early in one’s career. Sodium Dental … [Read more...]

Sodium Dental Attends Paragon Excelleration Meeting – Baltimore

The Paragon Program, created by Ken Runkle, held another of its series of wealth and growth management seminars in Baltimore at the Hilton BWI Hotel on May 11, 2018. Almost 30 doctors from the Maryland area were in attendance to take in Paragon’s management tips, one major portion based around “7 … [Read more...]

The Owandy IMAX Touch 3D Installation

Recently, Sodium Dental's installation team had the pleasure of installing an Owandy IMAX Touch 3D Digital Pano in an Imaging Center in Buffalo, NY. We wanted to share some of the highlights of the installation to shed some light on the steps involved in the process. From our initial site-survey to … [Read more...]

Broken Xray Sensors – Why They Break

  Broken Xray Sensors - Why They Break This post about broken xray sensors is a response to a Dr's question about why sensors break, whether or not new sensor cables on Schicks will be more durable and whether or not sensors in general are affordable. To understand broken xray sensors … [Read more...]

Increasing Your Practice’s Exposure Through Google Maps

Have you ever used Google to search for your name or your practice's name?  Have you ever just Googled "dentist" in Google Maps to see what results you get?  If you have, does your practice show up in any of the results? Many dentists would be surprised to find that their practice doesn't show up … [Read more...]

Which Image Management Software Should I Choose?

  Which Image Management Software Should I Choose? Image management software is a crucial piece to your paperless practice.  Many practices are considering or are already on their way to becoming a paperless, digital practice.  When going paperless in your practice there is a laundry list of … [Read more...]

Convert Intra Oral Camera to Digital!

Convert Intra Oral Camera to Digital! Buy It From Our Store Sodium Dental knows that there are plenty of dentists out there who made substantial investments in Analog/Video Intra Oral Camera Systems. These include cameras like the Acclaim, Acucam, Insight, Digital Doc, Telicam, ADT, CygnaScope, … [Read more...]

Why Have a Digital Dental Practice?

  Why Have a Digital Dental Practice? I frequent the dental town message boards and was posed an interesting question after asking one myself, why have a digital dental practice?  A Dr had mentioned that he has the digital dental practice over film dental practice discussion  a lot and that … [Read more...]