Image Management

Video On Xray Vision Demonstration by Sodium Dental Xray Vision Demonstration by Shawn Hall Are you looking for better imaging software? Well, Sodium Dental has your answer here is why we sell Apteryx Xrayvision software. This is another company software, but we are a reseller for a reason we like … [Read more...]

Pricing Secret Dental Technology Pricing and Product Information Is Too Hard To Find

Hide and Seek pricing I think we are all pretty comfortable with the ability to go online and research products and their pricing. When we consider looking into a car or a blender, a cat, or basically any product or service. You can usually go online and find user reviews, professional reviews, … [Read more...]

Broken Xray Sensors – Why They Break

  Broken Xray Sensors - Why They Break This post about broken xray sensors is a response to a Dr's question about why sensors break, whether or not new sensor cables on Schicks will be more durable and whether or not sensors in general are affordable. To understand broken xray sensors … [Read more...]

A Guide To the Dos and Don’ts of Going Digital In Your Practice

A Simple Guide For the Dos and Don't of going digital in your dental practice Step 1 Getting quotes from the Big 3 isn't like getting 3 separate quotes, they all tend to only sell the high priced options of things so when they offer quotes to you it appears like all options are roughly the same … [Read more...]

Video Showing Sodium System Use of Xray Vision Image Management Software

This is just an example video of how we here at Sodium Systems suggest you use your XRay Vision imaging software when presenting treatment to patients. Use layouts for your intra oral and digital xray images Resize your layout windows side by side Position your thumbnail overlay below the … [Read more...]

Which Image Management Software Should I Choose?

  Which Image Management Software Should I Choose? Image management software is a crucial piece to your paperless practice.  Many practices are considering or are already on their way to becoming a paperless, digital practice.  When going paperless in your practice there is a laundry list of … [Read more...]

Convert Intra Oral Camera to Digital!

Convert Intra Oral Camera to Digital! Buy It From Our Store Sodium Dental knows that there are plenty of dentists out there who made substantial investments in Analog/Video Intra Oral Camera Systems. These include cameras like the Acclaim, Acucam, Insight, Digital Doc, Telicam, ADT, CygnaScope, … [Read more...]