Xray Vision Demonstration by Shawn Hall

Are you looking for better imaging software?

Well, Sodium Dental has your answer here is why we sell Apteryx Xrayvision software. This is another company software, but we are a reseller for a reason we like xrayvision.


0:21 The Key features

That have kept Sodium Dental selling this product for over twelve years is its vast user base. The U.S military uses Xrayvision because the more users you have, the better. It is also resold under several different names. All the different names its been resold under as OEMs (original equipment manufacturer). All still use the core software, so the benefit of that is. They have a huge user base to were if there are problems they get remedied quickly because they have so many users.

1:24 How Xrayvision seamlessly integrates with practice management software

Using open dental as an example showing you the seamless integration of Xrayvison into practice management. We like giving open dental a shoutout in our blog/ video because we like open dental! Xrayvison prides its self on these integrations and how quick and easy they are to use.

2:05 Let us make integration stress and worry-free

Our team makes sure your integration goes seamlessly. That it’s installed to the best place on your server and that you have a company to call for support in the future if you need it.

3:32 Benefits of Xrayvison

 Xrayvision is totally customizable software. It makes it very easy to use layouts. We can build any layout you would like. We can define teeth numbers in any way you like. A perk is that you can hover over an image to tell when it was taken, modified, and the teeth that are covered in the layout before you even bother to open an image.

4:42 What makes Xrayvison stand apart

 Is using custom layouts. One of the custom layouts Shawn Hall demonstrates in this video is the intraoral camera layouts. As Hall explains to turn the intraoral camera into a tool, not just something that gets pulled out on the random case presentation. He goes on to explain how we found if your patient sees an intraoral camera inside a regular visit. As a hygiene visit and it’s used for full exams, you will get less push back on a treatment you are recommending. You can watch Hall show just how easy the layout images work. While using the layout overview go watch how convenient the Xrayvision software is easy to use. Hall shows a great example of a tooth image and an x-ray image pulled up side by side. Explaining how you are going to have a different conversation with your patient. This is excellent viewing for your patients to help them understand. You can now tell the story from two different sides. 

7:02 Tools

The Xrayvision tools bar is fully customizable. So your office doesn’t take a four bitewing exam, and you take a seven bitewing exam we can build that layout for you. Hall explains you may want an intraoral camera photo, followed by an x-ray image followed by another intraoral camera image and then another x-ray. This one layout makes it convenient for you to pull up. That’s what makes Xrayvision so ideal you can customize layouts to your treatment needs. Hall states this is about having layouts that make sense. This is about making it easier for your back office staff to submit these for insurance as well. This is just one of the many excellent tools Xrayvison has to offer. 

Hall states he won’t be going over all the tools because this is one of the most fully-featured imaging software you will ever see. 

Another tool is the image spot magnifier hence the name you probably guessed it helps zoom in and gets a closer look at your x-rays.

Another feature is the spot enhancing magnifier; this is like a super close up on a particular spot. 

Also, tools like measurements and labels, of course are available.  The text labels, font size and color the software will always remember. The last font size and color you used, so this can be a one-time selection as Hall explains the labels are added on in layers. So there are no permanent changes made to the x-rays. Take a look to see how these tools are used in the 9:05 video. 

11:37 real-time filters

There are many different versions, and Hall also states we can help create custom filters for your office. 

12:40 How easy it is to use the intraoral camera in software

Shawn Hall is using the Discovery HD intraoral camera. He goes over the different functions of the buttons this intraoral camera has.

Along with how the Discovery HD intraoral camera can be adjustable, which is a nice feature that can help save your wrist. Also, how the Discovery HD intraoral camera has a lens and can be wiped down. Even though there is a barrier shield, the camera still should be wiped down. Apposed to the three hundred dollar intraoral cameras, Hall explains how they do not have a lens you’re directly wiping the imaging sensor and LEDs, and this can be a big concern. 

15:03 New Patient Exam/Features Demonstration

Watch Shawn Hall shows just how great it is to be using a layout system and just how easy it works. If your staff uses this system, this will take them less than two minutes and instead of having to number each individual tooth. As long as they take it in the order pre-defined, the Xrayvision software automatically will label these images for you an assign teeth numbers. Start watching to see teeth images being taken 16:02. You can see how all the photos get dropped into the layout at 17:28. This is a very convenient way to look at the intraoral camera pictures in a layout. Hall also states in this video just how easy it is to pint or export images from Xrayvision. Also, you can easily sync this Xrayvision software to another Xrayvision software in another location. 

Here at Sodium Dental, we are trained to help teach you how to use Xrayvison and are here to help with any questions you may have. We like Xrayvision and we hope you learned something  new!

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