X-ray Image Quality

Video On Xray Vision Demonstration by Sodium Dental

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70LNNOzEXvY Xray Vision Demonstration by Shawn Hall Are you looking for better imaging software? Well, Sodium Dental has your answer here is why we sell Apteryx Xrayvision software. This is another company software, but we are a reseller for a reason we like … [Read more...]

Pricing Secret Dental Technology Pricing and Product Information Is Too Hard To Find

Hide and Seek pricing I think we are all pretty comfortable with the ability to go online and research products and their pricing. When we consider looking into a car or a blender, a cat, or basically any product or service. You can usually go online and find user reviews, professional reviews, … [Read more...]

The Owandy IMAX Touch 3D Installation

Recently, Sodium Dental's installation team had the pleasure of installing an Owandy IMAX Touch 3D Digital Pano in an Imaging Center in Buffalo, NY. We wanted to share some of the highlights of the installation to shed some light on the steps involved in the process. From our initial site-survey to … [Read more...]

Dental X-ray Image Quality: Distance of Tube Head to X-ray Sensor

Dental X-ray Image Quality: Tube Head Distance Test       Join Our Newsletter ListFor Email Marketing you can trust.       Proper training and use of a digital x-ray sensor and tube head is crucial for your staff to obtain high quality, … [Read more...]