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How Our Lead Product Specialist Gets Trained On New Digital Pano Systems and Their Installation

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Connecticut to the Owandy headquarters (US) and learn about the new wall mounted unit. Our training included hardware installation, software installation, and how to train our customers. The most unique thing about the Owandy wall mount pano was that … [Read more...]

A View From Our Product Educator Hailey

Working at Sodium Dental has given me an understanding of things I would have never know about in my life. It has opened my eyes to the dental industry and made me more aware of the technology out there. There are so many amazing products that are designed to make a dentist's' life easier, however … [Read more...]

Sodium Dental gets ready for any situation with CPR and First Aid Training

Sodium Dental gets ready for any situation The Sodium Dental staff here at Sodium Systems firmly believes that we need to do everything we can to be able to help in any possible situation. Our staff are now American Heart Association CPR, AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens Trained. … [Read more...]

Sodium Dental to Sponsor the 2018 Dental Maverick Summit in Austin Texas Aug 3rd – 4th

The Dental Maverick Summit is a fantastic opportunity for dentists across the country to take control of their practice’s production. Being a Dental Maverick means growing your practice production through increased case acceptance, staff satisfaction, and using proven systems & processes that … [Read more...]

Dental X-ray Image Quality: Distance of Tube Head to X-ray Sensor

Dental X-ray Image Quality: Tube Head Distance Test       Join Our Newsletter ListFor Email Marketing you can trust.       Proper training and use of a digital x-ray sensor and tube head is crucial for your staff to obtain high quality, … [Read more...]

Refurbished Kodak X-ray Sensor: from destroyed to repaired

Refurbished Kodak X-ray Sensor: from destroyed to repaired (This article was written with a refurbished Kodak x-ray sensor in mind.  The following information can be applied to any new, used, or refurbished digital x-ray sensor.) A Refurbished Kodak x-ray sensor can come from the worst of … [Read more...]

How to Properly Remove a Sensor Barrier Shield

Sensor Barrier Shield A sensor barrier shield is a necessary item to use when taking digital dental x-rays. The sensor barrier shield prevents the sensor from coming into direct contact with the patients' mouths, thus preventing water damage to the sensor as well as helping to prevent the spread of … [Read more...]

Specialized Kodak Digital X Ray Sensor Repair Technician Now In House

Kodak Digital X Ray Sensor Repair Technician Reached New Level of Expertise We get tons of requests for Kodak digital x ray sensor repairs and we appreciate your confidence in our ability to help our customers.  Right now dental xray sensor repair turnaround from our receipt to repair to your door … [Read more...]

Why Have a Digital Dental Practice?

  Why Have a Digital Dental Practice? I frequent the dental town message boards and was posed an interesting question after asking one myself, why have a digital dental practice?  A Dr had mentioned that he has the digital dental practice over film dental practice discussion  a lot and that … [Read more...]