Sodium Dental gets ready for any situation

The Sodium Dental staff here at Sodium Systems firmly believes that we need to do everything we can to be able to help in any possible situation.

Our staff are now American Heart Association CPR, AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens Trained. This gives us tools to help our co-workers, our friends, loved ones and strangers on the street survive an emergency situation with the best odds of recovery.

Our training was performed by our very own Joe Jelasic. AHA Licensed BLS Instructor. We are very proud to have this level of knowledge and expertise in our office and would be happy to provide this training on site to you and your staff.

Providing the best possible diagnostic imaging for veterinary dental care is our mission. Having the tools to help save another person’s life and give the best aid possible should be everyone’s mission.

As one of the owners of Sodium Systems, I personally feel that going through this training with my staff was an important use of our time. I now feel that I personally can perform very high level CPR. As well as recognize and respond to many other emergent needs such as stroke, heart attack, choking, broken bones, lacerations and more. It costs time and money to do a training and make sure you have the right medical kit. Onsite for most situations, but if you don’t take these steps to prepare, the personal cost to you could be much greater. I value all of my staff and find that they are almost like family to me. If they need urgent medical assistance, my CPR and first aid training is going to give me the tools to make sure they have the best possible outcome.

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