Working at Sodium Dental has given me an understanding of things I would have never know about in my life. It has opened my eyes to the dental industry and made me more aware of the technology out there. There are so many amazing products that are designed to make a dentist’s’ life easier, however many dentists are not aware of these products that could change the way their office runs.

In a specific instance, I was working with a doctor who was looking into purchasing new imaging software. This doctor had 2 offices with 2 completely different imaging softwares and practice management softwares, in which he was unhappy with both of them.

Both imaging softwares were only compatible with very few sensors, making it difficult for him to find anything to work in his system. I told him about our imaging software XrayVision and for the first time, I truly understood how amazing it really is. For a moment, I put myself in his position.

Overspending, confused and worried. I quickly realized that all of these feelings were unnecessary. I came to the understanding that XrayVision is the easy answer. It takes out all of the headache and stress in a dental office. Dentists don’t need to be limited on the sensors that will work in their system. XrayVision is compatible with just about every sensor on the market, therefore he wouldn’t have to be dealing with any of the current headache he is now. I let him know that not only is XrayVision compatible with almost every sensor on the market but it is user friendly, affordable and doesn’t come with any annoying yearly support fees.

From this instance, I learned more about XrayVision, which made me really believe in our product and how well it can help doctors. Office staff should not be forces to learn multiple different imaging software programs. XrayVision is clearly the simplified solution.