Convert Intra Oral Camera to Digital!

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Sodium Dental knows that there are plenty of dentists out there who made substantial investments in Analog/Video Intra Oral Camera Systems. These include cameras like the Acclaim, Acucam, Insight, Digital Doc, Telicam, ADT, CygnaScope, Reveal, Integra, Vista Cam and many others.  Converting an intra oral camera from analog into digital will prolong the useful life of these quality systems allowing you to capture images into the imaging software of your choice!

These cameras usually had excellent video quality and may still be working perfectly, but your office is going digital and now you are being sold on buying all new digital USB cameras for thousands of dollars a piece.

Most dental technology reps know that these cameras can be integrated into your current system, but talk of huge expenses to do so.

As a solution to this we have provided the digital integration package. The solution is extremely simple and can take any intra oral camera with a S-Video or Composite out to video solution and bring that live video directly into most image management software. Including Dentrix Image, Dexis Image, Xray Vision, Patient Gallery, Eaglesoft Image and many more.

The setup and Installation is simple, we send you all the pieces you need and by plugging in two USB cables and using our included cables to attach the video from your camera to our digital integrator you will have the great image quality you are used to that will capture into your imaging software with the included foot pedal.

This Package Includes:

-1 USB Digital Integration Device

-1 Composite or S-Video Cable depending on your specific need.

-USB Foot Pedal for software capture

-Instruction Manual for easy installation

-1/2 an hour of remote professional support to configure your imaging software for camera use

Digital Intra Oral Camera

Digital Intra Oral Camera

Here are some examples of images taken through the system with a 9 year old analog intra oral camera.