Testing New Cygna Cameras For Resale

We recently got in a shipment of Cygna Scope Micro Intra Oral Cameras from one of our clients.

I have never up until this point seen this particular camera and I was excited to get them out of the box and into my computer. The camera is an adjustable focus analog camera with fiber optic lighting. The camera systems were fairly old but in great condition. I used a digital converter to pull the live video feed into my computer system and was pleasantly surprised. The camera performed admirably. The trigger on the hand piece was able to work through a game port adapter and trigger button 1 which would make the trigger work in almost every imaging software out there (Dentrix Image, Eaglesoft Image, Xray Vision, Profsuni, etc…)

I captured these images into my system. I will use them when posting the cameras to our webstore and for any other potential buyers. I am thinking I will sell the cameras with the USB digital converters so they will work in the computer vs just to a tv especially after seeing the results.

I am hoping to be able to get these into a new home right away. I always appreciate when a client is looking to resell a quality item like this. We will definitely find a very happy new office to install these into and our client will have money where he used to have wasted storage space.

If you like the image quality and would like to integrate your analog IOC to your imaging software then follow this link to our digital integration kit on our webstore.

If you have any cameras or other dental equipment like this please feel free to call our sales line to find out how to get your equipment sold without the headaches of ebay fraud or charge backs to your merchant account.

Call Sodium Systems LLC at 1-800-821-8962 Ext. 2