Why Have an Apple Dental Practice And Then Run Windows?

Could someone explain to me why you would pay the high price for an apple computer and then buy a windows operating system to put on it? What would be the advantage of this? Despite popular belief the components in the systems are not manufactured by apple they are just assembled by apple. Meaning you could get the same or better components in other systems.

I know everyone says that apples are more reliable and maybe that is partially true if you are running an Apple OS that is far less used then windows and thus is less likely to have viruses made for it. The truth is though that their is no JD Power for Apple vs Dell their is only personal experience and some terrible statistics that are put together out their. I only know what is fact.

The fact is that you will spend on average 20% more to do an Apple then purchase Windows 7 Professional for it vs just buying a Dell.

Fact #2 the processor in your Optiplex Dell is the same Core 2 Duo you get in the mini Mac, or if you choose the I5 or I7 it is the same processor in both computers made in the same malaysian factory.

Fact #3 Dell will offer you a longer warranty on the system at a lower price than apple and they service the components on site vs sending your computer in.

Fact #4 Running a Virtual Environment eats processor cycles. There is overhead to maintain the sandbox. This means given identical specs in a Dell vs an Apple the Dell will be cheaper, with a longer warranty and will be faster in your windows applications.

Fact #5 Running in a virtual environment can cause problems with driver compatibility

Fact #6 Upgrading a PC to add components like additional video cards or memory for possibilities you didn’t consider prior to purchasing the machines will be cheaper on a PC vs an Apple. Apple’s control over their operating system and unwillingness to sell the OS without the hardware has greatly limited software development for their system.

Fact #7 less people will be able to work on your equipment if you have an apple network

Fact #8 less devices will work on an apple network

Opinion #387 it is much more difficult to manage an apple network than a windows domain. Especially if you let an employee go and need to change passwords. On a windows domain if I want to change the primary office password for all attached machines I click reset password make the change and it effects all attached systems. In a work group or an apple network I have to go around and change the password on every computer and lord help you if you have multiple user names.

So if you love Apple, then have them in your homes. But in your business make the decision that makes financial sense.

Apple in Dental Practice

Apple in Dental Practice