Dell’s 3rd Party Service Company Unisys Fails But Dell Comes Through

So these past two weeks I had an absolutely terrible computer story resulting from Unisys with a happy ending.

One of our support customers had a computer go down in an operatory. This customer is one of our remote support customers, but no problem we went through some diagnostics on the phone and Dell agreed to send a service technician out there to replace the broken components.

The technician came in 1 business day later on a Monday. He was a service technician for Unisys in Central Florida. This is where the horror story began. This gentleman, I’ll call him T0n1 for the sake of hiding his identity, came into the office looking as if he had just stumbled in from a marathon drinking week. The gentleman’s personal Hygiene was described to me as someone who had passed out in the bar and he smelled as if hew was secreting 10 year old ash tray leavings from his pours.

A gentleman’s terrible hygiene is one thing, but his level of service knowledge was still left to be known. He said that he could not fix the computer because the motherboard he brought with him was bad.

I apologized to the office for the service techs terrible smell. I also said I would call Unisys and Dell to see if they could maybe talk to the technician about what professional attire proper hygiene is. I also let the office know that maybe the gentleman just had a rough day, and possibly he had performed service in a very dirty and hot place. I wanted them to give the gentleman a second chance knowing that sometimes being a technician leaves you stuck in awful closets and terrible hot places like old smelly attics.

So I put off my call to Dell and Unisys thinking the last thing I want to happen is to complain about the gentleman and have him go out to the office upset. This all happened on Monday.

I had a very busy week and kept receiving notices from Dell about the dispatch. Tuesday around 3 PM I get a call from this Unisys tech. He says his car is broken down and he won’t be able to get on site that day. I ask him isn’t there a method for him to get a rental or something similar with Unisys and he says, “No my car is broken and there is nothing I can do about it”. I say okay I’ll let the office know you’ll be there tomorrow.

Wednesday goes by and I call Unisys they say they don’t know what is going on and there is nothing they can do about it, they are just a messaging service. So I call the gentleman’s cell phone he called from and he doesn’t pick up. I call Dell and they say the only thing they can do is re escalate the problem back to Unisys. Meaning they will just re put in the call and I am livid at this point.No one is taking responsibility and this Technician Tony is just completely useless.I blow up and start talking to all kinds of Dell support, Dell customer care and the fact is that no one knows what to do.

No one I could talk to at Dell had a direct line to anyone at Unisys who could then get a line on this terrible technician who can’t make it to appointments.

So at the end I am just raving mad. I am losing my vision, the world is going black, I am standing at my desk yelling at my speakerphone. My poor speakerphone did nothing to earn the abuse I was putting it through.

Finally a Dell technical support agent says he is going to call Unisys and deal with it. He called Unisys, screamed and yelled, then he came back to the phone and told me they would send out a different technician on Monday.

Monday I call the office, it is the exact same technician that came in, he was more atrocious than before but supposedly he fixed the hardware problem and we just needed to reinstall the operating system.

I get on the phone with the office and ask them to turn on the computer for me with the operating system cd in the drive. The computer doesn’t even post, aka it is still broken completely, most likely a damaged motherboard.

Ugh…this technician is an absolute moron. I call Dell just madder than I have ever been in my life. I keep my voice calm and carefully explain to the rep that this technician purposefully left a damaged computer at the office and lied to the staff that it was fixed knowing he was passing off the problem to someone else or just simply passing it off for another day.

I have nothing to say about this Tony guy or even Unisys they are an employee and a company that exemplifies every problem in the industry. Unisys for providing no way to report how their technicians are doing and clearly not caring how well their technicians perform. That company is just terrible and their technician, Tony was the worst.

But here is how Dell decided to make amends. They said they couldn’t necessarily find another technician to go out there but they could just send us a brand new computer.



My customer is still angry because this took forever but in the end they are getting upgraded hardware and we will never have the smelly service technician out there again. Well until something else breaks, ugh.

So anyway, Dell you really need to get a handle on your 3rd party contractors who are providing service on your next business day warranties. Don’t let their terrible performance ruin a OEM Hardware Assembler I rely on.