On Saturday, September 10th 2011, Sodium Systems took a Saturday to work as volunteers for a local charity called BOP or Bring on Play.

The event was called Bopstacle Race 2011 and involved teams of 4 competing to complete many different challenges and events in as short of time as possible. This event was a fundraising event for the groups primary purpose which is to rebuild local playgrounds and parks to encourage children to get outside and play with their friends and families.


We will also be aiming to help out in build projects in the future as well as find methods of fundraising for this great charity that directly effects the children and family of our local community.

We will be offering to match competitor pricing and quotes, and then taking 10% of the total sale and donating it to BOP in the name of the Dentist who made the purchase. We definitely are encouraged by groups like BOP and want to be a positive part of our community.