Dental Xray Sensors Repair: Don’t Try This at Home

Don’t Try This at Home: Dental Xray Sensors Repair

Dental Xray Sensors Repair: Don’t Try This At Home

Here at Sodium Dental, we repair a lot of dental xray sensors. Typically, the repair on dental xray sensors is pretty standard; the x-ray sensor stops working for some reason or another, the Dr. sends us the x-ray sensor, we fix the sensor. Everybody wins, especially the Dr. who just saved thousands on their repaired dental xray sensors as opposed to purchasing a new one from Dexis, Kodak, Schick etc.

Sometimes, however, our dental xray sensors repair is anything but typical. Now, I like trying to figure things out and fix things myself. After all, if I can perform minor car or home repairs myself, I can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars, right? But sometimes, this line of thinking gets me into trouble. Occasionally, I try to fix something myself, only to end up making it worse. That’s when I learn that there are some repairs I should leave to the professionals.

A few weeks ago, we received a Kodak RVG 6100 sensor for repair from a dentist. The dentist had tried repairing the Kodak x-ray sensor himself prior to sending the sensor to us. He had also coated the entire Kodak x-ray sensor head with a spray-on rubber coating. It wasn’t a pretty picture.

Believe it or not, somewhere underneath all of that rubberized coating, there’s a dental xray sensors head.

Now, despite how this sensor may have looked, hope was not lost. With a bit of patience, and a lot of scraping, picking, and sanding, we were able to remove all of the rubber coating that the Dr had put on their Kodak x-ray sensor.  Once we got all of the foreign material removed we were left with a clean Kodak sensor housing:

Kodak Dental Xray Sensors Repair Cleaned

Kodak Xray Sensor Repair Cleaned

Now that’s more like it. From this point, it became much more of a conventional Kodak x-ray sensor repair. The finished product looked like this:

There are two conclusions to draw from this dental xray sensors repair. The first is that dental xray sensors repair are best left to trained professionals. the second is that, even if you try and fail at repairing your own sensor, hope is not lost. At Sodium Dental, we do not charge a diagnostic fee for dental xray sensors repair. Worst case scenario, we are unable to repair your sensor and we simply ship it back to you. Best case scenario (like with the Kodak dental sensor featured in this article), we are able to return your sensor to you, working as it should. As I said before, in cases like this, everybody wins, especially you, who now have a working sensor where before you may have had a very expensive paper weight.

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