Owandy Imax Touch – Taking a Pan, Start to Finish

In today’s video we are going to go over how to take a pan with the Owandy Imax Touch.

First thing we need to take a pan is a patient. So let’s go ahead and bring our patient in and we’ll just have him stand right by the pan while we go over to our workstation and open up our imaging software.

Once we have our imaging software open we’ll go ahead and open our patient’s file. Once the patient’s file is open we will go ahead and hit the pan button in our software and we’ll see the Owandy Imax Touch control interface pop up on the screen.

At this point we can walk over to the Imax Touch and position our patient.

By using the three orange positioners to hold the patients head still we will place the patients head in the chin rest using the bite block.

Then we’ll press the laser guidance key to turn on the laser guides.

Once the laser guides are on we will use the laser guides to properly position the patients head inside of the pan. Once we get the patients head properly positioned in the pan we can go over to our control box again and press the circle button which will put the pans tubehead into position.

Once the pans tubehead is in position the green light will show that we are ready to take an exam. So we can grab the control button and walk over to our position. Once we are ready we can hold down the control button which will pre-heat the tubehead. During this exam we do want to hold the control button down the entire time.

As the pan rotates around the patients head we see that the pan will automatically show itself on the screen in the imaging software.

Once the Owandy Imax Touch tubehead has completed its rotation the patients pan will automatically be saved inside of our imaging software.

Once the Imax Touch has completed its rotation we can hang the control button back up. We can ask the patient to exit the pan.

Once the patient has exited the pan we will hit the circle button once more which will initiate the pan to bring the tubehead back to the ready position.

Once the Imax Touch has put itself back to the ready position it is now ready to accept a different patient and start a new exam.

At this point you can go back over to your workstation and evaluate the pan that you just took.

With the pan being instantly saved in your imaging software there is no delay to be able to view the xray or to adjust the brightness and contrast providing more convenience and less head ache for you.

If you have any questions about the Owandy Imax Touch give us a ring 1-800821-8962. Check out our website sodiumdental.com or drop us an email at sales@sodiumdental.com

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