Dexis Sensor Repair

Click Here To Repair Your Dexis Sensor


We offer Dexis sensor repair services for broken and malfunctioning Dexis Classic, Dexis Platinum dental x-ray sensors and the Dexis PCMCIA Card, and DexUSB box. Our Dexis sensor repairs include a full cable and connector replacement.

The way we repair Dexis sensors essentially result in a completely refurbished Dexis sensor. With our years of research and development knowledge we are able to completely refurbish your Dexis sensor.

Our Dexis sensor repair technicians are the best in the industry and have repaired 1,000’s of broken sensors for doctors and practices all around the world.  Our superior sensor cable, OEM replacement connectors, and mad skill on the repair desk equates to a fantastically working, and completely refurbished Dexis sensor.

Have a broken Dexis Classic or Dexis Platinum sensor causing you troubles?  Let our specialized Dexis technicians put a smile on your face!

Click Here To Repair Your Dexis Sensor

The functionality of your Dexis sensor is important to your practice’s production. Therefore we cover all of our Dexis sensor repairs with a standard 30-day parts and labor warranty. We also offer the option of extending to a full 1 year warranty.

Dexis Sensor Error Codes

Here is a brief list of a few error codes you may be experiencing with your broken Dexis sensor. If you do in fact see any of the following errors, give us a call at 1-800-821-8962, or submit your Dexis sensor to us for a diagnostic – we’re here to help!

  • Data acquisition hardware not available…
  • Honeycomb pattern in the Dexis sensor image. This can be caused by using the incorrect correction files.
  • Some images appear fuzzy on my computer screen. Make sure you have the correct monitor settings.
    • This is likely caused by an incorrect data path to the network data store.
  • Sensor Hardware Not Connected