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Gendex Dental X-ray Sensor Repair

Gendex Sensor Repair

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Our team of skilled Gendex sensor repair technicians have made it their focus to become the ultimate in Gendex sensor repair. With our years of research and development knowledge we are able to completely refurbish your Gendex x-ray sensor.


Here is a list of a few popular Gendex dental x-ray sensors we repair:

  • Gendex GX-S
  • Gendex Visualix eHD
  • Gendex GXS-700

The cost of a Gendex sensor repair will depend on the issue with your sensor. A Gendex Visualix eHD could include a cable replacement, USB connector replacement, re-programming, or circuit board repair. A Gendex GXS-700 repair will include a full cable replacement. We use similar methods that the manufacturer uses to refurbish and repair Gendex sensors.

Don’t see your Gendex sensor model listed here? Contact us, we probably repair it.

Click Here To Repair Your Gendex Sensor

The functionality of your sensor is important to your practice’s production therefore we cover all Gendex sensor repairs with a standard 30-day parts and labor warranty. We also offer the option of extending to a full 1 year warranty.

Gendex X-ray Sensor Error Codes

Here is a brief list of a few error codes you may be experiencing with your broken Gendex dental x-ray sensor. If you do see any of the following errors, give us a call at 1-800-821-8962, or submit your sensor to us for a diagnostic – we’re here to help!

  • Error code: E300 USB cable disconnected; Action: Verify USB Cable (gendex)
  • Error Code: E501 Insufficient USB Power Supply (gendex)
  • No Code: Local User have not writing rights on Vixcfg directory (gendex)
  • Error Code : E103 Voltages out of range
  • Error code: E400 FW download error
  • Error code: E401 EPROM Error
  • Error Code: E402 EPROM data corrupted
  • Error code: E403 Sensor data read error
  • Error code: E404 HW initialization error
  • Error code: E405 HW recognizing error
  • Error code: E406 HW test error
  • Error code: E407 EEPROM read error
  • Error code: E408 & E409 Memory test error
  • Error code: E874 Insufficient memory
  • Error code: E875 Insufficient Lock Memory
  • Error code: E3002 Memory Transfer error
  • Error code: V999 Language dll missing
  • Error code: E420 ValueT A/D error

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