A Paperless Dental Office Can Be CHEAPER Than a Paper Dental Office

Film Consumables Costing As Much As A Paperless Dental Office

A Paperless Dental Office Can Be Less Expensive Than You Think

Film X Rays are only slightly cheaper then your whole paperless dental office.

I think the assumption that digital is more expensive than paper is inaccurate. I think a paperless dental office is the goal for any modern practice.

I’ll lay out the numbers for you and base everything on a 5 year replacement cycle because all the items are warranted for 5 years in this layout.

Paperless Dental Office Costs:

  1. 5 Operatory Computer systems (Dell Optiplex with 22″ LCD Screens Fully networked and Installed) 5 Year Warranty – $1,632 Each ($8,160 Total)
  2. 2 FD Computers 20 ” ALL IN ONE systems with 5 Year Warranty (Fully networked and Installed) $1,538 Each ($3,076)
  3. 1 Server all with 22″ screen 5 year warranty, backup solution, at rest encryption for HIPAA and installation $3,800
  4. Network Color Laser, Printer, Scanner and Fax-  Dual Tray 5 Year Warranty (Installed)- $988
  5. Apteryx Xray Vision Image Management Software $3,005 (8 Licenses)
  6. Open Dental (100$ a month support contract Free to own)
  7. 2 Size #2 Quick Ray Digital X Ray Dental Sensors and 1 Size #1 Quick Ray Digital X Ray Sensor $14,000
  8. Full IT SUPPORT CONTRACT  300$ a month , Not a requirement

So we are at:

Full Digital X-Ray Paperless Dental Office $33,029 For everything installed and ready to go. With staff training and everything.

Now lets look at film:

Cost of Film-

    1. Film Processor over 10 Year 5K$ so over 5 years $2,500
    2. Barrier Shields, you use 1 for each film vs 1 for each exam digital. 20 cents each so 2000 BW exams cost you $1,200 more in Barrier Shields (This gets even more expensive with FMX
    3. 43 cents for Size 2 and 1 film(8000 Xrays a Year X 5 years = 40,000 X-Rays) Cost of Film over 5 Years = $17,200
    4. 25 cents for a clear 4H bitewing mount (2000 Mounts a year X 5 Years = 10,000 Mounts) Cost of BW Mounts = $2,500
    5. Processing Liquid $.10 per film (based on manufacturers specs AT2000 and current pricing of processing fluids) =$4,000

So Full Cost of Film = $27,400 over 5 years


So your whole network, computer systems, practice management, image management and digital X Ray sensors and all of the patient education possibilities only cost around $94 more a month then just your film is costing you in consumables.

Also, remember I didn’t take into account that when you go fully paperless you no longer have to have charts at all in your office. Think of the space savings, time savings and cost savings of no longer storing and accessing charts.


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