Fixing Your Dentrix Workstation Refresh Problems

Fixing Your Dentrix Workstation Refresh Problems

This Fix applies to Dentrix G2 and above

This fix should alleviate issues with the appointment book not refreshing at workstations and issues with errors showing up on screens that say your file is locked open at a different location.

  1. Shut down all workstations except for your server.
  2. Shut down all Dentrix software on the server, including any Dentrix related apps running in your task manager
  3. Run a complete backup of your Dentrix folder and make sure if your Dentrix Data folder isn’t in your Dentrix folder, make sure this Data folder is fully backed up as well.
  4. In The Dentrix Folder on your server run _abconv.exe press OKAY to the popup message.
  5. Click Convert to Appointment Book and then click OK
  6. Now Run _Maint.exe and choose the option clear Machine IDs
  7. Now Reboot your server and turn on your workstations and open appointment book one at a time
  8. To be fully sure this has worked Turn off opportunistic locking on all machines including the serverThe location of the client registry entry for opportunistic locking has changed from the location in Microsoft Windows NT. In later versions of Windows, you can disable opportunistic locking by setting the following registry entry to 1:
    OplocksDisabled REG_DWORD 0 or 1
    Default: 0 (not disabled)

    Note The OplocksDisabled entry configures Windows clients to request or not to request opportunistic locks on a remote file.

    You can also deny the granting of opportunistic locks by setting the following registry entry to 0:

    EnableOplocks REG_DWORD 0 or 1
    Default: 1 (enabled)

If these Keys don’t exist you will need to make them.

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