X-ray Sensor Wire Protector, Good or Bad?

Sodium Dental offers dental x-ray sensor repair for every sensor on the market.  We’re able to fully replace sensor cables, connectors, circuitry and more on all brands of x-ray sensors including Kodak, Carestream, Dexis, Gendex, Schick and all others.  The key to keeping your sensor alive and healthy for the long haul is proper sensor care and storage.  One item that has come through our office frequently are broken dental x-ray sensors that are sent along with their x-ray sensor wire protector.

Image Courtesy of www.net32.com/

Image Courtesy of www.net32.com

X-ray sensor wire protectors have been a detriment to dental x-ray sensors for years now and has caused a fair share of broken dental x-ray sensors due to their bulkiness and weight.  Although these x-ray sensor wire protectors sound like a good idea on paper, the reality is that they generally cause more harm than good.

Dental x-ray sensor wire protectors are heavy, big and bulky.  They are made this way to prevent damage to sensor cables such as running over the cable with a chair, closing the cable in a drawer or cabinet door, or a patient biting down on the cable.  All of these concerns are valid and the x-ray sensor wire protector may very well protect the sensor cable from these issues but in doing so it is causing a whole other issue.  Due to the bulkiness and weight of the x-ray sensor wire protector it causes the cable to dislodge from either the sensor head or connector.  Continual use of a x-ray sensor wire protector puts excessive stress on the cable’s connections within the dental x-ray sensor head and dental x-ray sensor connector.

This continual added stress quickly causes the x-ray sensor cable to become damaged which then causes the sensor to no longer function.

Our friends over at Patterson Technology feel the same way and recommend to all of their dental x-ray sensor clients to stay away from x-ray sensor wire protectors.

The best way to prevent damage to your sensor is by instituting a sensor care policy.  A sensor care policy will layout the guidelines that your staff will need to follow in order to maximize the life span of your digital x-ray sensor.

Using baskets for each of your sensors is a great way to prevent staff from closing a sensor cable in a drawer or cabinet door during storage.  It also prevents them from coiling up the sensor cable in an unatural fashion.  By using a basket for each sensor you can also save space and time by using the basket to store additional items needed for sensor use such as sheaths, bite blocks, and sensor holders.  When you purchase your basket make sure to purchase one large enough so that your x-ray sensor cable can be loosely coiled when placed in the basket.  We do not want your staff to tightly coil the x-ray sensor cable as this can cause stress and breaks in the cable.

These baskets can then be stored in each room if you have sensors for each room, or in a central location if multiple rooms share sensors.


  • Don’t use a x-ray sensor wire protector
  • Don’t tightly coil your sensor cable when storing
  • D0 use a basket or bin to store your sensor
  • Do use proper sensor holders such as the RINN DS-Fit kit
  • Do institute a sensor care policy in your practice

Take care of your sensors and they will take care of you for a long and productive time.  Feel free to call 1-800-821-8962 or email us support@sodiumdental.com if you have any questions or need assistance!