X-ray Repair Final Testing - See How Your X-ray Repair Quality is Tested

X-ray Repair Final Testing

X-ray Repair Final Testing

At Sodium Dental we take pride in our ability to provide incredibly high quality digital x-ray sensor repairs for dental practitioners everywhere.  One of the most important steps in our x-ray sensor repair process is the final testing procedure which is completed for every x-ray sensor that we repair.

Once the x-ray sensor is determined to be fully repaired and functioning correctly our repair technicians will complete their repair and then hand the sensor off to our quality control personnel for final testing.  Our quality control personnel will complete a series of final tests to ensure a quality repair has been completed and that the x-ray sensor is ready to be packaged and shipped back to its owner.

X-ray Repair Final Testing Procedure:

  • Repaired x-ray sensor is physically inspected to ensure:
    • New cable is firmly and correctly soldered to sensor circuitry.
    • New cable is firmly and correctly attached to sensor.
    • Sensor housing is sealed.
    • Sensor fits into appropriate RINN sensor holder.
    • New sensor cable matches original manufacturers cable length.
      X-ray Sensor Repair Final Sensor Holder Test

      Sensor Holder Test

  • Repaired x-ray sensor image acquisition testing:
    • We use Apteryx XrayVision to test x-ray repairs by capturing a FMX with each sensor repair while confirming the following:
      • X-ray image accurately shows enamel, dentin, and soft tissue.
      • Sensor does not pre-trigger or generate errors while being positioned.
      • Sensor passes electrical grounding test.
      • Confirm sensor takes FMX without acquisition failure.
        X-ray Sensor Repair Final Testing

        X-ray Sensor Repair Final Testing

  • Images from a completed x-ray sensor repair:
        • A full series of photographs are taken of the physical condition of the sensor, its cable, and connectors.
        • The full FMX set of x-rays collected in the previous step is then printed out of Apteryx XrayVision to be included with the repaired x-ray sensor when it is shipped back to the customer.
          X-ray Repair Final Testing FMX

          Final Testing FMX

  • Packaging:
    • The repaired x-ray sensor is then packaged in a vacuum sealed bag with a desiccant pack to ensure no moisture touches the x-ray sensor while in transit back to the customer.
      X-ray Sensor Repair Vacuum Pack

      Vacuum Pack Seal

During the final testing process the x-ray sensor cable is continually re-positioned to ensure there are no connectivity issues between the repaired x-ray sensor and the computer system. The repaired x-ray sensor is then tested with a Sodium Dental in house interface and also the customers interface (if available) to ensure compatibility and functionality.

Impeccable quality control standards for every x-ray sensor repair is a top priority for us. You can be confident that the repair you receive from Sodium Dental will be completed with great attention to detail and technological performance.

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