Product Categories

Sodium Dental offers only the best products for your dental practice. Every product we carry has been evaluated by us. We are confident in the quality of the product as well as our ability to train, support and install these products.

We provide a range of products and services for our dental offices all revolving around technology and diagnostics.

X-Ray Generators – Capturing high quality x-rays begins with quality radiation exposure. The tubeheads we offer we have tested in our office with thousands of xrays in our testing facilities. You can count on their quality, aesthetics and durability.

New X-Ray Sensors – Brand new, high quality digital x-ray sensors. Sodium Dental offers several brand new x-ray sensors to choose from. Our sensors work in just about any imaging software you might have.

New Intra Oral Cameras – Give your patients a visual tour of their mouth while highlighting problem areas and treatment with an HD intra oral camera. Patient education leads to great treatment acceptance.

Digital Panoramic & 3DCT Units –  Digital panoramic units and 3D Conebeam CT will greatly change your diagnostic game. Start planning implants and diagnosing sleep disorders with maximum confidence.

Dental Imaging Software – If you have digital X-ray equipment you need a reliable, easy to use  and easy to backup imaging software solution. We carry options that work with many different imaging sensors and digital pano units.

Refurbished X-ray Sensors – All of our refurbished x-ray sensors have been repaired and tested by Sodium Dental’s x-ray sensor repair team. These x-ray sensors are ready to go and will make for a convenient and affordable solution for your practice.

Sensor Holders and Barrier Shields – Digital X-Ray sensor holders and barrier shields are necessary for positioning and protecting your sensors. Our sensors are autoclavable and user friendly.

3D Intra Oral Scanners and 3D Printers – 3D Intraoral Scanners and 3D Printers can save offices tens of thousands of dollars a year and make life easier.

BLU Toothbrush – An amazing ultra sonic toothbrush with bluetooth connection and phenomenal cloud application for tracking your personal brushing habits and your kids brushing with a fun brushing game.

Technology Training for Your Staff – To achieve the best diagnostic images and most efficient use of your technology, staff training is a must. Our experts will come to your office to train you and your staff on the effective use of your technology!

Data Backup and Retention – You have high tech diagnostic capabilities, a fully trained staff, and a database of patient files. Now you need to protect your patients data! Our data backup solution is what you need to keep your data protected.
HIPAA Ready Complete Backup Solution for Dental Practices

Mobile Dental Toolkit – Our new solution for the mobile dentistry professionals of today. We have provided a mobile kit within a durable water tight case that includes everything you need for mobile digital x-ray.