Week 3 - X-ray Sensor Pricing - The Good The Bad And The Ugly - Part 3

Week 3 – X-ray Sensor Pricing – The Good The Bad And The Ugly – Part 3

Digital Intra Oral X-Ray Sensors

-Good Image Quality – Part 1
-Reliability – Part 2
-Price – Part 3
-Functionality – Part 4

Part 3 is a very simple premise. It is an attempt to give doctors an opportunity to see digital X-Ray sensor pricing before they talk to sales reps from all of these companies.

Reviewed Sensors:
-Eva by Dent-X (AFP Imaging)
-SuniRay-Suni Corporation (Orange Dental)
-Dixi 3-Planmeca
-Dexis Platinum-Dexis
-CDR Elite-Schick
-Kodak RVG6100- Kodak (Owned By Carestream Now)

Part 3: Price

This is an easy blog to do except that it is going to require an incredible amount of Anecdotal data which is my least favorite kind of data. Sadly in this case it is the only data I am legally allowed to use. It seems that salesmen do not appreciate you taking sales sheets at a dental show and then listing all of the show prices on a website. So I am going to use figures that are rounded and if anyone has any more current corrections that are coming from actually seeing the numbers on an invoice or an estimate please comment on my blog and I’ll make the corrections. None of this data has come from any of my sales experience or personal price knowledge. All of this data has come from doctors that have been willing to show me estimates or invoices they were given for sensor pricing. I would never use actual sales data provided to me while I was working for a company.(It just wouldn’t be right and I am pretty sure it might be illegal)

-Eva by Dent-X (AFP Imaging)

$15,500- 2 Sensors, 2 Interfaces and AFP Imaging’s Image Software

0$ -3 Year Warranty
-SuniRay-Suni Corporation (Orange Dental)
$15,595  Sensors With Inline Interfaces Comes with Profsuni and one License Additional licenses are 250$ per computer you want to be able to take or view Xrays from

0$-2 Year Warranty

-Dixi 3-Planmeca

At this point the only information I have is a single sensor price quote of $9500

Dexis Platinum-Dexis
I have seen Dexis sold at different price ranges all from about $11,000 to $14,000 new

The software I have seen a variety of pricing but it looks like it runs from $8,000 to $11,0000

The warranty on the sensor is a per year warranty that is about $1,800 a sensor

-CDR Elite-Schick

Sensors run about $9,000 and interface boxes run at about $1,900 The warranty package is actually like a support package. It is a 160 a month or so per sensor and it doesn’t get you a free replacement sensor necessarily. From reading the document it actually provides you with just cheaper prices on replacement sensors but a replacement would still run you about $3,000. They are a good company though so I assume manufacturers defects would be covered and replaced at no charge.
-Kodak RVG6100- Kodak (Owned By Carestream Now)

Pricing from $8,000 to $9,000 a sensor, this sensor can be integrated into Xrayvision if you do no want Kodak Image

There are some large price differences here but I choose not to make any comments on them. If you read part 1 and part 2 you’ll see that you will not take an image quality hit going with the less expensive options and in some cases the warranties are much better in the less expensive options. I have personally called about warranty service on all of these products and have had no problems getting service if the product is covered under its warranty. Though in some cases you will pay substantially more for warranties on some sensors as I have listed above.


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