Many dental practices have become digital offices who love their technology, but what happens once it breaks? Frequently, the moment something either breaks or does not work anymore, we toss it and replace it. Oddly enough, even as expensive as digital technology is, many dentists buy a replacement, which cost them a significant amount of money. What if I could tell you it does not have to be that way with your digital x-ray sensors? In this case, dentists have a second option of getting their digital x-ray sensor evaluated to see if the sensor can be repaired. 

Too many dental practices fall into the mistake of letting their broken or damaged sensors just lay around the office. Many dentists throw away their digital x-ray sensors once they notice the sensor is having issues. They skip a step entirely by not turning to repair first. In fact, many dentists are still unaware of digital x-ray sensor repair, which is why Sodium Dental is here to break down exactly why repair can be better than replacement.

Sensor Repair Will Save You Money

The benefits to repairing a sensor instead of replacing it are numerous. The cost difference alone helps dentists save money. A repair can help get a sensor back up in the running for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Repair is quick and inexpensive. Many sensors can be back up and working in just a couple of days, instead of having to take the risk of replacement which is going to cost you far more than repair. A new replacement sensor can cost between $8,000 to $10,000, depending on the brand.

Sensor repair is the best alternative; it is quick, effective, and affordable. Sensor repair usually costs about $1,300 to $2,000, depending on the complexity of the repair, and can extend the life of the sensor for years. Sodium Dental is the first and most experienced sensor repair company. Sodium Dental can repair x-ray sensors for any brand of x-ray sensors. There is no risk of sending your sensor to us — we offer a FREE evaluation for any sensor sent in for repair. If we can’t repair your x-ray sensor, you don’t pay. Dentists can save thousands of dollars by repairing their x-ray sensors.

What you need to know | Dental Sensor Repair

Every situation varies, depending on why the sensor is failing. Here are a few issues you may see: pre-triggering or white images when trying to capture an x-ray, bite marks, crushed cable, vacuum cleaner twists, or full loss of sensor functionality. Overall, the most common point of failure is damage to the digital x-ray sensor cable. With daily use, the sensor cable will experience frequent bending, pulling, and twisting. And unfortunately, the occasional accident will also happen. In addition, sensor cables can get kicked, tripped on, or snagged in an office cabinet.

The best first option is to look into repair. When you have a high-quality brand sensor that you know will cost a lot to replace, turn to repair first. Even the warranties usually do not cover any accidental damage, and then you are forced into a replacement because most sensor manufacturers do not offer sensor repair. Often many broken digital x-ray sensors are not covered and are out of warranty – this is when a sensor repair should help ease the stress and get the sensor fixed for a much lower cost. 

Sodium Dental Stress-Free Repair Process

The significant benefits when getting a repair done with Sodium Dental, we have no hidden fees. We have reputable and experienced x-ray sensor repair technicians and a success rate of over 70% in repairing all sensor brands. There is no risk when sending your sensor to us. We do not outsource our sensor repairs — Sodium Dental technicians complete them in-house. We offer 90-day warranty and 1-year warranty options for all sensor brands.

Fill out our simple submission form at Follow the provided instructions to send your sensor, and Sodium Dental will send you an estimate within one business day of its arrival. Once you approve your estimate, the sensor will be repaired within two business days. Your sensor repair estimate is FREE, with no obligations except return shipping.

Even when manufacturers say they can’t repair your sensor, we most likely can! 

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