Broken x-ray sensors on eBay listed as “Broken X-ray Sensors Sold for Parts or Repair”

Broken X-ray Sensors Sold For Parts

Broken X-ray Sensors Sold For Parts

With the increasing popularity of dental x-ray sensor repair we’ve seen an influx in “broken x-ray sensors sold for parts” item listings on eBay.  We’ve seen some of these “parts sensors” sell for as much as $800 to customers hoping they can get in on a great deal, send their sensor to Sodium Dental for repair and then pay our low repair fee to get a refurbished sensor for cheap.


Our Sodium Dental team keeps a close eye on public item listings for dental equipment of all sorts including new & used x-ray sensors and broken x-ray sensors sold for parts.  These items are a big part of our business.  We also receive broken x-ray sensors that customers have purchased as non working parts and have sent them to us for repair with hopes of getting an inexpensive working sensor.

Broken x-ray sensors sold for parts come in two flavors:

  1. The broken x-ray sensor being sold for parts has already been worked on by Sodium Dental’s sensor repair team and was determined as the sensor to be not repairable.
    • These broken x-ray sensors are sold as parts by eBay sellers that have full knowledge the sensor can’t be repaired and are preying on honest doctors like yourself.OR
  2. The broken x-ray sensor being sold for parts simply cannot be repaired.
    • These broken x-ray sensors have usually been permanently damaged in some way and are no good for refurbishment/repair.

Both of these instances leave doctors with a sense of resentment and anger.  Since these broken x-ray sensor listings are always sold exclusively in “as-is” format there is no recourse for the buyer to return the broken sensor.  Buyers are stuck with broken sensors of no value and a loss of several hundred dollars.

A question to ask yourself when looking at eBay item listings for broken x-ray sensors….

Why wouldn’t the seller just send their broken sensor to Sodium Dental for repair so they could sell a refurbished sensor for several thousand dollars as opposed to just a few hundred dollars for a “parts x-ray sensor?”

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Taking an $600 – $900 risk just isn’t worth it.  That broken x-ray sensor being sold for repair parts on eBay has a very high likelihood of being a complete waste of time and money.

Another question you should be asking….

Why isn’t Sodium Dental purchasing these broken x-ray sensors for parts to refurbish and resell as refurbished x-ray sensors?

For the same reason that you shouldn’t buy them.  Sure, if an $800 broken x-ray sensor sold for parts actually panned out and was repairable then Sodium Dental or you could potentially turn around and sell that sensor to another doctor.  But we don’t.  And we won’t.  Neither should you.

The risk is too great to waste several hundred dollars on a gamble.

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