Digital X-Ray

Sodium Dental Guide To Choosing Dental Digital XRay Sensors

Sodium Dental Guide To Choosing Dental Digital Xray Sensors and Why Line Pairs Per Millimeter Matter This video is not just an explanation of line pairs per millimeter, but a full discussion on how digital X-Ray sensors work. In the video the information given will explain how dental digital … [Read more...]

Is Your Digital X-Ray Sensor Warranty Really Much of a Warranty

Is Your Digital X-Ray Sensor Warranty Really Much of a Warranty Have you read your digital x-ray sensor warranty thoroughly? Do you really know how your covered or if you are covered. A Higher Percentage of Sensors WILL FAIL In Their First 3 Years Then Will Last 7 Years This article comes from a … [Read more...]

Kodak Dental Sensor Repair

Kodak Dental Sensor Repair Sodium Dental continues to improve our processes to provide YOU with the best Kodak dental x-ray sensor repair services available today. Click Here To Get Your Kodak Dental Sensor Repaired Our Kodak dental sensor repair process first started out when we had a … [Read more...]

Real Cost Of Going Digital X Ray and Paperless In Your Dental Office

Going Digital X Ray Can Be Less Expensive Than You Think I have found that a lot of people would like a good idea of what it might cost to go digital in their dental office. Consider first that going digital is extremely cost variant depending on what company you decide to do it with. For instance … [Read more...]

How to Check Your Xray Sensor Driver

How To Check Your Xray Sensor Driver An important step in troubleshooting your digital x-ray sensor is to confirm that your xray sensor driver is the latest version. There is a helpful article on that gives step-by-step instructions for checking the driver version of your … [Read more...]

How to Care for Your Newly Repaired X-ray Sensor

Caring For Your Newly Repaired X-ray Sensor You just received your repaired x-ray sensor in the mail? Terrific! I'll bet you're wondering how to get the most of the newly repaired x-ray sensor and how to avoid breaking it again. Here is a short list of some "do's and don't's" when it comes to … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting Broken, Poorly Working Digital Xray Sensor

Troubleshooting Digital Xray Sensor issues Digital xray sensors are something we sell, repair, and do training for on a regular basis. A digital xray sensor is also sometimes referred to as a Digital Radiography Sensor or a digital dental sensor. Get Your Sensor Fixed Today - We Always Provide … [Read more...]

Dexis Sensor Repair

  Dexis sensor repair is what Sodium Dental is known for, we do our best to help customers with their broken Dexis sensors. We perform Dexis Sensor repair in house and we are not affiliated with Dexis or there parent company in any way. If you have a Dexis sensor you would like repaired then … [Read more...]

Dexis Dental Sensor White Image Issue – Troubleshooting Guide

Dexis Dental Sensor White Image Issue Below is a recent question that was posted in the comment section of our Digital Sensor Repair Submission Form about a white image issue that a Dexis dental sensor is having.  Most of these trouble shooting steps can be applied to just about any dental x-ray … [Read more...]

Your USB Hub could be why your sensor isn’t working

So we are in the sensor repair business as well as being in new technology sales, service, training and installation. On the sensor repair side we run into a pretty common issue... We get sensors in for our repair service and have to call the doctor and tell them there is nothing wrong with … [Read more...]

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