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The world is going digital, and dentistry is no exception. Making sure you have the correct digital tools is essential to bring you improved diagnostics. To help streamline productivity and optimize workflow, we here at Sodium offer our guidance so we can help you get the correct equipment for your practice. We want to take care of your technology so you can spend more time with your patients. We can give you the resources you need to enhance your practice so you can focus on patient care. Our goal is to help you build your practice into a lasting practice.

Implementing Digital Technology

The first step to enhancing your clinical care is to include digital technology into your practice. Including the use of digital x-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, and digital impression scanners will enhance the dental and dental hygiene process. This imaging technology will help aid in decisions for diagnosis of dental issues by showing a high-resolution image that can be shown digitally between team members, patients, and be sent virtually to insurance companies. 

Also, scanners and intraoral cameras allow for dentists to make documentation of patient hard tissue data. Images from these tools help with the demonstration of oral health issues. Patients benefit from being able to see images of these issues. These issues include fractured teeth, calculus, and deteriorating restorations, etc. These tools will help increase patient education, helping them understand the problem. Having this technology will help improve informed decision making by the patient, which helps gain procedure acceptance. Overall, these technologies help patients understand their oral cavity issues by the demonstration of digital imaging to give optimal care. 

Digital Obstacles: We Can Help

Dentists do not currently have a reliable source to install, train, and integrate technology into their practice without disrupting the daily operations of the practice. There are individual companies that fulfill each part of the equation, such as computer networks, practice management software, and ongoing staff training. Still, none of these companies offer a full solution for dentists. Sodium Dental’s primary focus is to combine all of these services into one company. We made it to where you only have to go to one company to get all of your dental technology needs fulfilled. Our core purpose is to provide quality and beneficial dental technology products and services for dental practices. To increase productivity while educating the practice to utilize dental technology efficiently and increase patient care. 

We here at Sodium Dental can help you integrate digital technology into your practice so it will strive. At Sodium Dental, we specialize in dental practice technology. We know dental equipment, dental hardware, and software compatibility. We can help you make the right decision on what technology will best suit your practice. Sodium will make sure everything is working together. We provide all your digital technology needs under one roof. We make switching over into a digital office worry and stress-free by offering comprehensive training for the entire dental practice

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