One Way To Deal With Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Exposure to a Keyboard

One Way To Deal With Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Exposure to a Keyboard

One Way To Deal With Coronavirus (COVID-19) |Exposure to a Keyboard| Out with the old and in with the new.

Process of keeping your equipment safe and clean

So first let’s start with the most common thing a digital office is going to have: A mouse and keyboard are going to be all-around your office. They get touched frequently and sometimes without even thinking about it. There are many methods to use for covering a keyboard, but we recommend using plastic sleeves. These bags are usually very inexpensive and this can be a very simple way to reduce cross-contamination and exposure. 

Recommended sanitation of dental equipment

For instance, we recommend wiping the whole mouse and keyboard with cavicide once a day. It is true that cavicide will damage the keyboard and mouse over time, and it is also true that you can not truly sanitize these devices due to multiple crevices. However, nothing will fail on the keyboard or mouse if you wipe them once a day. The only thing that will really happen is that the letters will eventually wipe off the keyboard.

For the most part, computer keyboards would seem to be low risk but when it comes to infection control, studies in the dental setting have shown just the opposite. Computer keyboards have the potential to be contaminated with high levels of pathogenic microorganisms and are a possible source of cross-contamination. 

Keyboard Infection Control

In particular, the article released by RDH “Registered dental hygienist” Noel Brandon Kelsch states, “The computer keyboard and mouse are sources of contamination and must be barrier protected or cleaned and disinfected (we are aware of one type of keyboard/mouse that is autoclavable). Dental infection control experts recommend using barrier protection to cover equipment, especially sensitive equipment, such as computer keyboards/monitors/mouse and other hard-to-clean surfaces. Reminder — barriers must be changed between patients, and surfaces only need to be cleaned and disinfected if the barrier has been compromised.” In summary, Sodium Dental recommends using proper sleeves to sanitize your keyboard and mouse daily. If you have a keyboard that is contaminated beyond sanitizing, go get a new keyboard. Better to be safe than sorry with (COVID-19) happening! Stay safe – Sodium Dental 

Looking to order some sleeves for your operatory? Here are links from net32 for Keyboard and Mouse Sleeves. 

Learn more: Watch our other video on proper infection control in dental offices.

CDC – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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