Video On Is Dexis The Best Option OR Is it TIME TO SWITCH?

Video On Is Dexis The Best Option OR Is it TIME TO SWITCH?

Time To Do An Xray Vision Vs Dexis Feature Comparison

Shawn Hall and Alli go through a quick comparative video analyzing some of the common beliefs that drive people towards Dexis Imaging. Watch this short video to get some insight into your imaging system options.

0:54 Dexis works better with practice management?

This is the illusion some people do believe. As youcan see here in this video Josh our lead product specialist. Put both software side by side and in fact Xray Vision opens faster and easier. So as Alli explained she didn’t feel that Dexis won this one. 

1:43 Is it easier to take Xrays in Dexis?

Again as Alli explained it took one extra button click to take an xray in dexis then to take an xray with our sensor THE AURORA in Xray Vision.

4:55 Our Wireless Doctors Camera

Overall the camera works in both Dexis and Xray Vision, as you will see in Dexis once you take images they have to have teeth numbers manually assigned which seems inconvenient. As Shawn states some of the limitations of dexis with intraoral cameras, he explains how he has trained on Xray Vision for years and he is just used to being able to put camera images into convenient and easy to use layouts. 

6:30 Xray Vision is easier to train staff members on

Alli states how she feels Xray Vision is easier to train staff members on for intraoral cameras. Is because you can have set camera layouts which is familiar to them because that is how they use digital xrays. 

6:47 Does Dexis just make better xrays?

Josh had taken an xray with the Dexis sensor and an xray with our Aurora sensor on the same test skull and put them on the screen for Alli to say without telling. So Alli picked right off the bat the Aurora image. As Shawn says “well, of course, you would pick our sensor image.” Alli goes on to explain how her first impression was the image on the right was clearer and sharper. Alli goes on to say, “I truly think the Aurora with Xray Vision would be the clear choice.”

7:56 recap covers the common questions we are asked

Shawn Hall and Alli look at does it work better connecting to practice management, does it work better with intraoral cameras, is it faster and easier to use and more.

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