Coronavirus Hits Hard On Dentistry: Recommendations for the Dental Professional

Coronavirus Hits Hard On Dentistry: Recommendations for the Dental Professional

Dentistry Is Essential

The coronavirus is already having a significant financial impact on many dental practices, and the problem is only going to get worse. Offices are being hit with having to close for everything except emergency patients. This leads to many other issues, including lack of access to loans, payment of existing debt, supply shortage, and high levels of stress. Along with a fear of having to reduce staff and working with new regulations, this virus brings on many challenges for dental practices. Without a doubt, COVID-19 has put an immense amount of burden on dental practices. 


Begin Thinking About The Next Phase

Above all, this is the time to start planning for recovery. How will your practice be able to bounce back from this hard time? While this is hectic now, it is critical to use this time to plan for a successful future. The widespread closure of dental practices across the country is now inevitable due to the coronavirus outbreak. We recommend being prepared: this is the time to get your practice updated, ensuring your return to normal practice will be as strong as ever. Is your equipment working correctly? Do you have any broken or damaged x-ray sensors you need repaired? Do you need to upgrade your computers and software in your office? This may be overwhelming now, but it shouldn’t prevent you from planning your office recovery. 

How To Prevent The Financial Impact

We here at Sodium Dental want to help dental practices like yours. Sodium Dental sells and repairs digital x-ray sensors. This is the time to get your sensors repaired to keep your practice up and running to be ready to bounce back. We understand dental offices are taking a hit due to COVID-19. In this chaotic time, it is difficult to afford high-priced technology or even think about buying new sensors.

In an effort to take care of you due to COVID-19, we have significantly reduced our pricing on our refurbished X-ray sensors. Also, in addition to offering tech support to your practice, Sodium Dental can help set up your front office staff to work from home. If you need any assistance, and this sounds like something of interest to your practice, we would be glad to help get your staff members working from home quickly and efficiently. They can be safe and do a proper job by having practice management set up and being able to take calls. Please call or visit our website for details. We want to help keep your practice up and running!


Link to our  COVID-19 SPECIALS


Gendex & Dexis Digital X-Ray Sensors


COVID-19 Recovery

The coronavirus impact on dentistry has been substantial. Sodium Dental wants to help the dental community, so we are staying open to service dental offices staying open to service their emergency patients. Our staff is primarily working from home for safety, but we will maintain our high level of service for clients during the shutdown. This will be a hit to production in the office, so take this time to do things in the office that normally can’t be done due to patient flow and system usage. After an event like this, we can expect a wave of oversight and auditing, so now is the time to ensure your office is fully HIPAA compliant. If you have Windows 7 or Windows XP machines on your network with Patient Personal Health Information on them, then you are in breach of HIPAA and could be severely fined. Take advantage of our upgrade special. 

Link to our Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade Service

Check out our video: Infection Control, Dental Technology Keyboards and Digital X-Ray Sensors During COVID-19 Coronavirus 

Our top priority is to continue meeting the needs of our customers and ensure your health and safety. We want to hear from you if there is more we can be doing to support your practice during this time. If you have questions, please contact us (800) 821-8962.

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