Sodium Dental at Paragon Program Year End

Sodium Dental At The Paragon Program Year End Event

Sodium Dental at The Paragon Program Year End Event

Today December 4th, 2014 and December 5th, 2014 is the Year End Event for the Paragon Program and Sodium Dental is proud to be here. This event held by the Paragon Program is an amazing wrap up that has already included a great deal of information that is important to our Sodium Dental technology customers.

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A large focus of this morning was HIPAA and HITECH the speakers were very knowledgeable and I felt like there was a lot to gain from the talk.

We here at Sodium Dental specialize in the technology side of HIPAA and HITECH many people came up to the booth and had questions. I just wanted to give some bullet points that I would suggest checking out on your current IT setup. Or if you don’t have the answers to these questions please feel free to call us for a free HIPAA / HITECH evaluation.

  • Is your data backed up?
  • Is your data back up encrypted?
  • If you have OFF SITE / CLOUD Backup, do you have a BAA (Business Associates Agreement) with the host of your off site backup?
  • Is your server live encrypted (TRUECRYPT, BITLOCKER, and other options)?
  • Do your staff log into your practice management with their own user names and passwords?
  • Are you using Email to send patient referral and images-Is the Information encrypted before sent?
  • Do you have a BAA with your email provider?
  • Do you have any Windows XP or previous operating system computers on your network?

For more information please feel free to contact us at Sodium Dental any time.


These are just a few things we consider when looking at HIPAA evaluation and should help you begin asking the questions that will get you the right answers.

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