There are many questions, and concerns dentists have before going digital. What kind of technology do I need? What will be truly useful to have and what to go without in your practice? With so much new technology continually being released and heavily promoted, dentists have to make the right choices on what technology will fit their practice’s needs. Dentists must ask themselves: will this new technology help drive them to run a more successful practice? These are all such relevant and credible concerns to dentists. These questions can all be answered by having the right dental technology provider. Most of all, any particular technology purchase should help enhance the care you provide to your patients, along with increasing your practice productivity. 

I would like to shed light on some misconceptions dentists have about this beneficial technology. Many dentists are aware of the great features of digital radiography. Digital x-rays give off less radiation, excellent diagnoses, clear images, enhance possibilities to images, and promote patient education. Many practices (about 85%) are now using digital x-rays, but there are still some misconceptions. 

1. Dentists are worried radiography costs too much?

Some dentists are still holding on to film and not making the switch. Often, dentists do neglect the facts of film x-ray technology. There is constant upkeep cost for the supplies, including the film and chemicals for processing. Also, the truth is with film x-rays, there is a waste of staff time. With the amount of time it takes to take x-rays and process film, you will be losing revenue. There are many wasted hours while your team waits on film x-rays to develop. The reality is that you can lease or buy a digital x-ray sensor for $2,000 to $5,000, and you can make up the cost quickly through the savings just from not buying supplies for film x-rays. You will instantly see a return on your investment going digital. It will pay for itself. 

2. Is Digital radiography difficult to integrate? 

Dentists do worry their technology won’t all work together and “link.” Dentists should make sure before going digital what practice management and imaging software they are going to get. This can help with making sure the digital x-ray sensors you buy work with that system. If you work with an excellent dental supplier, they will also ensure all your technology will integrate seamlessly and take all the stress and headache out of getting radiography. Dental technology suppliers can help suit you with the right equipment you need for your practice. Some technologies can be difficult to integrate into other present technologies.

There are ways a support company can help you get around these issues. Usually, they will do their best with helping you solve the issue with the integration using some kind of twain integration. There are more uniform standards to have other manufacturers’ equipment to work together. Here at Sodium Dental, we suggest using Apteryx X-ray Vision, which is a very versatile dental imaging software. Its best feature is the ease of use and its ability to integrate with your digital x-ray sensor, phosphor plate system, digital pano, and intraoral camera systems. 

3. Digital radiography is difficult to train staff on? 

No one likes change, but it is useful for growth, and digital radiography is known for its ease of use. Dentists can set the example and be prepared to learn something new, and the team will follow. They will be happy you made the switch to digital x-rays. I have heard many dental hygienists and dental assistants are so satisfied with their digital radiography systems. Once they use digital, they won’t ever want to go back to film again. We have helped many practices go digital, and you and your staff won’t regret it. Now is the time to wipe out the darkrooms and chemicals. Digital radiography is safe and easy to use. Also, easy image distribution to dentists or insurance companies improves productivity and cost savings! Your patients will also gain the benefit of getting to see images instantly on-screen. 

Overall, do not hold your practice back from using digital radiography in your practice. Now is the time to go digital. It is easy, safe, and more affordable to get started now than before. Digital x-rays are so beneficial to have in your daily practice. They help give your patients exceptional diagnostics. They also help with providing complete treatment to your patients. The main goal overall is to provide your patients with the most optimal care. Then what are you waiting for? No more excuses, make the switch!

Helping Dentist Improve Their Practice

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