Excellent! You just received your repaired x-ray sensor in the mail!

Now you’re probably wondering how to get the most out of a newly repaired x-ray sensor and how to avoid damaging it again. Here is a shortlist of some “do’s and don’t’s” when it comes to how to care for your newly repaired x-ray sensor. Make sure to follow these sensor care guidelines. 

Do’s & Don’ts For Your Repaired X-Ray Sensor

  • Do use a ring and bar-style sensor holder -This style allows for proper placement of the x-ray sensor while the bite block of the sensor holds prevents patients from biting on the sensor cable. We recommend the RINN DS-Fit holder.
  • Don’t submerge your sensor to clean it.
  • Do use a sensor barrier shield
  • Don’t use cable protectors on your sensor cable and /or USB cable 
  • Cable protectors do more damage than good by causing excessive strain on the sensor/USB cable connections while in use. While cable protectors may sound like a good idea on paper, in practice they will make damage your sensor very quickly.
  •  The use of a proper ring and bar-style sensor holder and safe storage practices will prolong the life of your sensor.
  • DO Clean Sensor using disinfectant wipes.
  • -CaviWipes from Totalcare 
  • -Birex disinfectant wipes from Biotrol 
  • – Clorox Germicidal Wipes (Clorox Professional from H.J. Bosworth) 
  • -ProSpray Wipes from Certol
  • Don’t bite, rollover, trip on, or jump rope with the sensor cable. Naturally, this will cause damage to your sensor, as well as voiding your warranty.

For instructions regarding the proper removal of sensor barrier shields please click here. 

Check out our write up about cable protectors here.

We hope these guidelines help you with your newly repaired x-ray sensor. That your sensor will provide many years of excellent service. If you have questions regarding your repaired sensor, please don’t hesitate to contact us. (800)821-8962F