Gendex Repair for Gendex X-ray Sensor

This product is for a shipping box and shipping label for your broken Gendex X-ray Sensor. For US based customers only.

This item is not a sensor. If you’re looking for new or refurbished x-ray sensors please visit our store here.

When you purchase this item Sodium Dental will ship you a box with a return label inside of it.  Place your sensor/s into the box, stick the label on the box, and drop it in the mail to ship back to us.  As soon as we receive your sensor we’ll get an estimate out to you within 48 hours, usually sooner.

If you’d like to ship your sensor yourself immediately to save on time, please fill out the submission form here, print the form out, and ship your sensor to:

Sodium Dental
1100 N Hartley ST
Suite 300
York, PA 17404

Gendex x-ray sensor repair is a service that Sodium Dental has been providing for many years now.  Sodium Dental was the first company to offer Gendex x-ray sensor repair to dentists everywhere.  All of our diagnosis and estimates are completely free.  As soon as you authorize your repair estimate our technicians will begin the repair. Once your repair is complete your sensor will be put through our extensive quality control final test.

Your Gendex sensor will then be vacuum sealed, packaged, and shipped back to you once your Gendex sensor is done going through the Final Testing Process.  When your sensor is packaged you’ll receive tracking notifications in your email.  Our Logistics Specialist will also stay on top of the delivery process and follow up with your office once your sensor is delivered to make sure you received the sensor OK and that it is working well.

If you need any assistance with your repaired sensor once you received it back in your practice our Support Specialists are on standby to take your call.