Charting, Treatment Planning, and Scheduling Chairside Presentation

Shawn Hall and Jake Scheiterlein of Sodium Systems will be presenting at the P.A.U.L. office managers study club here in beautiful York, PA. We will be presenting on how to chart, treatment plan, and schedule chairside: the equipment, software, and procedures necessary. Want to attend?  Check … [Read more...]

We Fix Digital X-Ray Sensors That Are Out Of Warranty

We Fix Digital X-ray Sensors That Are Out Of Warranty Here at Sodium Dental we do much more than just provide awesome technical support and superior prices on dental technology.  We are also consultants on everything related to running your practice efficiently by utilizing technology in daily … [Read more...]

Which Image Management Software Should I Choose?

  Which Image Management Software Should I Choose? Image management software is a crucial piece to your paperless practice.  Many practices are considering or are already on their way to becoming a paperless, digital practice.  When going paperless in your practice there is a laundry list of … [Read more...]

Save Your Dental Patient Data, Save Your Practice: Backup Your Data Today

  Save Your Dental Patient Data, Save Your Dental Practice A dental practice should have 3 modes of dental patient data backup at any given time.  To thoroughly protect your dental patient data there should be  a dedicated NAS device that houses daily backups, 2 USB hard drives that receive a … [Read more...]

Electronic Sig Pads: Can a Signature Be Forged?

Did you know that a Topaz signature pad does much more than just capture a signature? Signature pads are becoming more and more common in dental practices, especially due to the Electronic Records Mandate that is soon to come.  I was posed with an interesting question today that I had never before … [Read more...]

Dental Patient Anxiety; How To Relieve Patient Anxiety

It is estimated that as many as 75% of US adults experience some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe.Approximately 5 to 10 percent of U.S. adults are considered to experience dental phobia; that is, they are so fearful of receiving dental treatment that they avoid dental care at all … [Read more...]

Dental Backup – Practice Set Back Years After Lightning Storm

Dental Backup - Practice Set Back Years After Lightning Storm Dental Backup: practice loses 2 years of patient information due to severe lightning storm last night.  Sodium Systems says, “Incident could have been avoided if the practice had a good backup running on a daily basis.”  Doctor says, “I … [Read more...]

Dentrix G4 – 10 Tips To A Successful Install / Upgrade

These steps have been prepared to help minimize or eliminate any issues when installing DENTRIX G4. For a successful installation, follow the steps below exactly. Please read through all the steps before attempting to install DENTRIX G4.   Note: DENTRIX Image 3.0 and Image 3.1 will not … [Read more...]

Hardware Drivers For Your Technology

The other day we decided to move a film scanner that we use for scanning digital radiographs and intra oral images to a different computer.  It only took a few minutes to move the radiograph scanner to the other computer but once I plugged the scanner in I realized we didn't have the driver disc for … [Read more...]

Top 7 Reasons A Good Backup Solution Is Necessary

1. Redundancy:Redundancy will allow you to sleep well at night knowing that no matter what happens, your patient information is safe and secure and can be recovered within a day or two and have your practice up and running without issue. 2. Selective Recovery:Having rotating backups allows you to … [Read more...]

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