Beware Of The Dog – Web Protection for Dental Practices

We all have experienced it at one time or another, the relentless virus/spyware that attacks one of our office computers. Even with a good anti-virus protection on all of your workstations we can't make up for user error. Websites with malicious pop-ups, emails with virus attachments, etc., are all … [Read more...]

Local IT Person, To Use Or Not To Use for Dental Technology Integration

  Local IT Person, To Use Or Not To Use for Dental Technology Integration Utilizing dental technology integration within your dental practice will provide you a more streamlined daily process and a more productive practice. In my experience there are two types of dental technology … [Read more...]

Keep It Super Simple: A Dental Technology Integrator’s Mantra

Nothing is more frustrating for a dental technology integrator like myself than going into a new network that is just a complete mess. I just did a basic install of some digital x-ray sensors in an office that already had prof.suni and dentrix. As I am going through the workstations loading drivers … [Read more...]

13 Creepiest Dental Instruments Known To Man

A lot of people are scared of going to the dentist but what if we didn't have the dental technology that we have today?  Take a look at some of these early dental instruments, some of which were still in use within 100 years ago.... Bow Drill (7000 BC) The earliest known dental drills originated … [Read more...]

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