Dentist Invests In Patient Education and Security

Doctor Zelazny Invests In His Patients and Their Personal Health Information Security

We recently had the opportunity to work with Dr. Zelazny’s office. Through new computers, firewall and upgraded displays the doctor has improved the security of his systems for the benefit of his patients and their privacy. The doctor, through the new computer displays, has also made it much easier to show his patients digital X-Rays and intra oral camera images so that they can better understand their dental care.

Working with Dr. Zelazny and his incredible staff is a great experience. Starting with the doctor, the whole office has a great focus on dental health and service. When you go into Dr. Zelazny’s office you will notice all of the beautiful pictures on the walls that Dr. Zelazny has taken while on service trips to countries that are in desperate need for dental care and lack access to it.

If you live near Franklin, Michigan, we highly suggest you check out Dr. Zelazny’s office for your dental care. Here is a link to their website

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