Dental Technology & X-ray Sensor Repair

Should I Use an X-ray Sensor Wire Protector?

  X-ray Sensor Wire Protector, Good or Bad? Sodium Dental offers dental x-ray sensor repair for every sensor on the market.  We're able to fully replace sensor cables, connectors, circuitry and more on all brands of x-ray sensors including Kodak, Carestream, Dexis, Gendex, Schick and all … [Read more...]

How to Properly Remove a Sensor Barrier Shield

Sensor Barrier Shield A sensor barrier shield is a necessary item to use when taking digital dental x-rays. The sensor barrier shield prevents the sensor from coming into direct contact with the patients' mouths, thus preventing water damage to the sensor as well as helping to prevent the spread of … [Read more...]

How to Check Your Xray Sensor Driver

How To Check Your Xray Sensor Driver An important step in troubleshooting your digital x-ray sensor is to confirm that your xray sensor driver is the latest version. There is a helpful article on that gives step-by-step instructions for checking the driver version of your … [Read more...]

Don’t Try This at Home: Dental Xray Sensors Repair

Dental Xray Sensors Repair: Don't Try This At Home Here at Sodium Dental, we repair a lot of dental xray sensors. Typically, the repair on dental xray sensors is pretty standard; the x-ray sensor stops working for some reason or another, the Dr. sends us the x-ray sensor, we fix the sensor. … [Read more...]

Your USB Hub could be why your sensor isn’t working

So we are in the sensor repair business as well as being in new technology sales, service, training and installation. On the sensor repair side we run into a pretty common issue... We get sensors in for our repair service and have to call the doctor and tell them there is nothing wrong with … [Read more...]

MyRay Zen Digital X-Ray Sensor Images and Review

I just wanted to put some example images out of the MyRay Zen Sensor up. The Zen sensors have cut corners, a two fold filtering system to give crisp high detailed image boasting 25 lp/mm. The sensors also have an inexpensive option to extend their 2 year warranty to 5 years for under 900$ a sensor … [Read more...]

Charting, Treatment Planning, and Scheduling Chairside Presentation

Shawn Hall and Jake Scheiterlein of Sodium Systems will be presenting at the P.A.U.L. office managers study club here in beautiful York, PA. We will be presenting on how to chart, treatment plan, and schedule chairside: the equipment, software, and procedures necessary. Want to attend?  Check … [Read more...]

We Fix Digital X-Ray Sensors That Are Out Of Warranty

We Fix Digital X-ray Sensors That Are Out Of Warranty Here at Sodium Dental we do much more than just provide awesome technical support and superior prices on dental technology.  We are also consultants on everything related to running your practice efficiently by utilizing technology in daily … [Read more...]

Ebay-Sellers Beware

We often resell used and refurbished equipment. When we can't find a buyer privately we will often turn to eBay to help sell the unit. I recently had a few events that really left me with a bad taste in my mouth for how EBay treats its sellers. The first incident was on the sale of a used pano. We … [Read more...]

Smile Cinema Media Player Demo

Watch our new Smile Cinema Media Player Demo Smile Cinema Has Been Discontinued. The licensing agreement that originally made it possible is no longer available due to a change in policy by the MPAA. … [Read more...]

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