Sensor Repair

How to Properly Remove a Sensor Barrier Shield

Sensor Barrier Shield A sensor barrier shield is a necessary item to use when taking digital dental x-rays. The sensor barrier shield prevents the sensor from coming into direct contact with the patients' mouths, thus preventing water damage to the sensor as well as helping to prevent the spread of … [Read more...]

How to Check Your Xray Sensor Driver

How To Check Your Xray Sensor Driver An important step in troubleshooting your digital x-ray sensor is to confirm that your xray sensor driver is the latest version. There is a helpful article on that gives step-by-step instructions for checking the driver version of your … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting Broken, Poorly Working Digital Xray Sensor

Troubleshooting Digital Xray Sensor issues Digital xray sensors are something we sell, repair, and do training for on a regular basis. A digital xray sensor is also sometimes referred to as a Digital Radiography Sensor or a digital dental sensor. Get Your Sensor Fixed Today - We Always Provide … [Read more...]

Dexis Sensor Repair

  Dexis sensor repair is what Sodium Dental is known for, we do our best to help customers with their broken Dexis sensors. We perform Dexis Sensor repair in house and we are not affiliated with Dexis or there parent company in any way. If you have a Dexis sensor you would like repaired then … [Read more...]

Dexis Dental Sensor White Image Issue – Troubleshooting Guide

Dexis Dental Sensor White Image Issue Below is a recent question that was posted in the comment section of our Digital Sensor Repair Submission Form about a white image issue that a Dexis dental sensor is having.  Most of these trouble shooting steps can be applied to just about any dental x-ray … [Read more...]

Don’t Try This at Home: Dental Xray Sensors Repair

Dental Xray Sensors Repair: Don't Try This At Home Here at Sodium Dental, we repair a lot of dental xray sensors. Typically, the repair on dental xray sensors is pretty standard; the x-ray sensor stops working for some reason or another, the Dr. sends us the x-ray sensor, we fix the sensor. … [Read more...]

Your USB Hub could be why your sensor isn’t working

So we are in the sensor repair business as well as being in new technology sales, service, training and installation. On the sensor repair side we run into a pretty common issue... We get sensors in for our repair service and have to call the doctor and tell them there is nothing wrong with … [Read more...]

Broken Xray Sensors – Why They Break

  Broken Xray Sensors - Why They Break This post about broken xray sensors is a response to a Dr's question about why sensors break, whether or not new sensor cables on Schicks will be more durable and whether or not sensors in general are affordable. To understand broken xray sensors … [Read more...]

Specialized Kodak Digital X Ray Sensor Repair Technician Now In House

Kodak Digital X Ray Sensor Repair Technician Reached New Level of Expertise We get tons of requests for Kodak digital x ray sensor repairs and we appreciate your confidence in our ability to help our customers.  Right now dental xray sensor repair turnaround from our receipt to repair to your door … [Read more...]

Repairing Digital Xray Sensors In House

Repairing Digital Xray Sensors In House Ever since my last post about repairing a Kodak RVG 6100 digital x-ray sensor for a customer we have been getting at least one phone call a day from doctors around the WORLD interested in having Sodium Dental repairing digital xray sensors.  While … [Read more...]

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