Schick Sensor Repair

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Schick Sensor Repair by Sodium Dental is your best source for professional and reliable repair and refurbishment of broken Schick brand dental x- ray sensors. We also repair broken Schick CDR PlusWire and Schick USB Interface boxes.  With our years of research and development knowledge we are able to completely refurbish your broken Schick dental x-ray sensor.

Schick Dental X-ray Sensor Repair

Click Here To Repair Your Schick Sensor

A Schick sensor repair will include full cable replacement. These types of repairs essentially result in a completely refurbished Schick dental sensor. We use similar methods that the manufacturer uses to refurbish and repair Schick sensors.  Our Schick dental sensor repair technicians can take a sensor with almost any issue, take it apart, and rebuild it into a great, refurbished, working dental x-ray sensor.

Here is a list of a few popular Schick sensors we repair:

  • Schick 33
  • Schick WiFi
  • Schick Elite
  • Schick CDR
  • Schick Remote HS

Don’t see your Schick x-ray sensor model listed here? Contact us, we repair it.  Our Schick sensor repair technicians are also capable of repairing any of the Schick interface boxes including the Schick CDR and Schick Remote HS interface boxes.

The functionality of your Schick sensor is important to your practice’s production therefore we cover all Schick sensor repair with a standard 30-day parts and labor warranty. We also offer the option of extending to a full 1 year warranty.

Click Here To Repair Your Schick Sensor